Young and broke travel enthusiasts: Here’s Fool-proof travel Advice for free

17 August  |  Adventure & Travel

The travel bug can hit almost everyone, young or old, male or female, the rich or the poor. Travel, whether it is local or international, apart from the enthusiasm, needs a decent amount of money, without which it is virtually impossible to explore your own country.

At Discovery Village we have spoken to a number of our young guests, and discovered that their trips are often sponsored by their parents or the companies they work for. While some seek pocket friendly options like a homestay in Masinagudi, others look out for team outing resorts near Bangalore. We, at discovery Village cater to both categories of travelers. Pick from our corporate outing resorts in Bangalore and choose a package which gives you access to a number of fun games and activities.

Here are a few hacks to help those who are monetarily dependent and want to put a travel plan together and realise their dream of exploring faraway lands:

Be curious:

We often spend a large portion of our childhood and teenage years doing nothing, except going to school, chatting online and indulging in binges (food and television included). Why not read books and scour the internet for language courses which can be used in later life? In our world where everything is virtual, why not travel virtually? Pick a place, learn its language (there are tons of free online language tutors), understand the people and in a few years, when you are financially independent, travel to the same place and connect to the place at a deeper level.

Work Part-time:

The World over, teenagers are encouraged to take up part-time jobs (except India, probably) and become independent at an early age. If you are 18 and above, squeeze in a couple of hours working part-time at the supermarket or the mall and earn enough to build a nest egg for future travel expeditions. If you are lucky, your employer may even organise a jaunt to Discovery Village, the best place for team outings in Bangalore.

Relatively Speaking

Meeting relatives and spending time with them isn’t exactly a teenager’s idea of a holiday but when you are short of funds and do not have access to money at will, it makes great sense to travel to places where you have your relatives and friends. This way your parents are more than willing to sponsor your trip (partly maybe), and you get to visit some of the coolest places you only dreamt of. The safety factor is high in such cases since you have someone to fall back on during emergencies and also explore the place on your own terms.

Keep an eye out for travelling opportunities

If you really love travelling but financial constraints do not give you the luxury of planning a trip, keep an ear to the ground and look around for opportunities. Think about travelling to a foreign land as an exchange student and you could learn a lot, giving you a different perspective to life’s problems. When we are young, we often get comfortable with all that is going on in our lives and lead a secure and sheltered life. Get out of your comfort zone. Enter travel contests, apply for scholarships or join social media groups of your liking and before you know, you could be applying for a visa or at least booking your flight tickets to a dream location in your country.



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