Wild ways to cement your team

26 August  |  Team Building

Tips and activities to turn people into team players

If behind every successful man, there’s a woman, what’s behind every successful organization? A team!

No wonder, team building features on most HR managers’ list of pet challenges. It’s no mean task either. For, before people can come together as a team, they need to overcome inhibitions, let go of prejudices and trust each other.

Easier said than done? Here’s how we make it happen at Discovery Village.

Place them in unfamiliar environments. Going solo is easy in a familiar urban landscape. Replace the safety and predictability of an urban routine with the wilderness… people need to depend on each other to survive.

Survival camping – groups share tasks, shoulder responsibility and collaborate to survive a night of camping in the wild.

Take them off the beaten path. The same tasks and weary routines can make most people unenthusiastic. Go beyond the cubicle chat and structured interactions. Get people to explore a different path and interact with each other in the process.

Trekking – a walk on wild slopes with soothing green vistas has a magical effect on teams. People relax, open up and see a side to each other that they might never have in formal office settings.

Pit them against each other. There’s nothing like a healthy dose of competition to revive team spirit. And no, not just any game will do. It has to have equal parts of difficulty and fun.

Raft building – groups need to assemble their own rafts using the given material and have a raft race. The activity also teaches time and resource management.

Test their assumptions. Self-imposed barriers are often the biggest hurdles people face. Push these limits and people discover capabilities they never thought they possessed.

Rappelling – where each member of the team gets to clamber down from a rock using a rope. Once the activity is complete, people realize, impossible is truly nothing.

Set a challenge. People learn to trust each other when working to resolve a common challenge. The learning is richer when each member of the group has a defined role to play and can contribute towards the collective results.

Dynamic Obstacle Course – where the entire team has to negotiate an obstacle course to reach the destination. Team members need to take risks, stay alert and support each other in navigating the path.

Our outdoor activities can be tailored for your team’s requirements. If you have specific challenges to tackle or specific goals to meet, let our facilitators know. Whether it’s a night of camping or a spot of rappelling, we’ll tweak them to make the learning just right for your group.

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