Wild thrills, tailored for you

16 September  |  Team Outing

Calling adrenaline junkies.

Looking for that heady mix of action and fun? We have roped together some of the most exciting activities at our locations to give your holiday truly wild moments. Land. Water. Mid-air. Rocky terrains. Green jungles. Winding rivers. Take your pick. Decide where your adventure act should unfold.

Our collection of wild thrills include:

Parasailing. Our Kabini getaway offers one of the most scenic parasailing destinations in the country. Soar like a bird with the river spread below you.

High elements rope course.  Dreams of a mid-air adventure come true here. A must-do for all thrill seekers, this rope course sways 40 feet above ground. Located at Nandi Valley, it’s one of the best of its kind in the country.

Rappelling. The countryside around Nandi Valley hides one of the best spots for rappelling. The 100 ft high monolithic rocks attract amateurs as well as pros. learn the ropes. Overcome your fear of heights.

Survival camping. Test your survival skills; endure a night in the jungle. This off-beat activity pushes you out of your comfort zone and into the untamed terrain of the woods. With limited resources and the wilderness around you, survival takes on new meaning.

Canoeing. Canoeing was once a popular mode of transport. Turn the tide back in time, explore the river on your own canoe. The graceful Kabini and surrounding greenery make this a bookmark-worthy moment.

Navigation. Don’t ask Google, just trust the explorer in you. Armed with a map and some essentials, plot your path in the wilderness and reach the destination on your own.

Cave exploration. Take the trail less travelled at Kanakpura. Find your way to a cave. The walk in the wilderness is in itself rewarding. Peeping into a cave and exploring its shadowy corners… the activity will rank among your most unique experiences.

Each activity meets global safety standards and is conducted by trained facilitators. Whether you seek an adrenaline high or wish to conquer your fears, head to a Discovery Village location. There’s adventure, learning and many moments of fun waiting for you.

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