Why Wild Offices?

By our wild officer


Hi there. We are in the business of discovery; not of precious metals or oil, but something far more valuable.

Human potential, as we help discover, is something that can change the world. After all, every modern convenience, every innovation, every billion-dollar tech company that sprouts up, is the result of someone thinking really hard and exploiting their potential to the fullest. So why do some people create tremendous value, while others choose to relegate themselves to a more common life?

Let us help you and your team members answer that in
one soul-searching, discovery-seeking day at our Discovery Village training programs. We fondly call our retreats, Wild Offices. We believe that people can discover their true, real wild side with even a single day at our training programs. Our retreats are designed around training and not the other way round.

Our Wild Offices experience brings people in touch with nature while helping them bond, collaborate and team up with other people. Mind you, some of these other people are those that they aren’t comfortable interacting with in office. After all, being able to collaborate effectively probably means developing the ability to navigate faster in the corporate world.

During our program, our trainers will unite your people by dividing them, by pitting them against one another in friendly competitions. We will help them lose their inhibitions by putting them through wild experiences, for example cave crawling. We will help them bring out the explorer within by taking them on tough mountain treks. We will bring out the entrepreneur in them by making them set up tents high up in the hills and doing all it takes to survive in the wild.3

Step into our Wild Offices, we promise that your people will step in as individuals and go back as a team.

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IBM outing at Discovery Village.

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