Five insights into your workforce

Hello, here are some insights that concern today’s workforce. These insights are a result of years of interacting with and training people employed in global corporations. We have a track record of training over 5000 people from top global and Indian corporations with outbound programs. Here’s what we discovered.

#5: Your people may not be clear how to contribute

It’s strange but true. In a people-driven industry, it takes six months to two years for a new employee to truly understand what and how he or she can deliver based on what your organization expects. The more time he or she takes, the more you lose out on

#4: Your people may not open up for a long while

This is a result of not being able to fit in quickly. While some people may be able to blend in immediately, others find it difficult. And this will definitely result in underutilization of hidden

#3: Your people may not be clear how to work with peers

As organizations grow in size, communication among people often becomes minimal. People spend long hours typing emails for issues that could be sorted out in 10 minutes through a face-to-face

#2: Your people may not know how to collaborate

When people don’t communicate, they can’t be expected to collaborate. While collaboration is a buzzword today, the truth remains that the potential of working together is largely

#1: Your people may never think of their immediate bosses as people who think well of them

Today, everyone is busy at work, trying to get things done. Sometimes, people may adopt an unfavorable image of their managers because of

Now that you know this, what do you do? Come over to one of our Wild Offices with your people for a spot of experiential training. Set the misconceptions right, highlight the importance of clear communication and collaboration, and go back as a team.

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