Bring out the wild side of your people

By our wild officer

I have a pet theory. I believe that most of us, yours truly included, are 50% people. Before you arrive at any conclusions that doubt my evolution as a human being, let me clarify that this term is applicable to my involvement at work. Again, make no mistake, am probably giving my 100% at work, and am sure you think the same about your self too. This ratio refers to the potential I possess and the impact that I put in at work. There is a genuine chance that not even half of my true potential is being realized.

How did this happen? If someone accused me of not giving my 100% at work, I would take offence. But the truth is most of us are probably not engaged by meaningful collaboration at work, that truly brings out the best in us. Here are some pointers to re-discover our wild sides at work.

Shy? Make them dance

This is for the ones who want to dance, but are worried about what people would think. You may have some really cool moves but if no one is going to see them, no one is going to appreciate them. The shy guys can be super productive people in your organization. All it takes is a little push or better still a few dance moves. Get them to go Wild at one of our group dance sessions.

Lazy? Make them jump

There are many of us who want to change the world but are happy imagining doing this, than actually getting it done. We have all the neural firepower, but what use is that without our will playing along? Get these fence sitters to do some tough activity in our jungle gym. While they go Wild, chances are their adrenaline glands will also go Wild and they will say goodbye to their laziness forever.

Aggressive? Make them share

Then there is the aggressive dude who rarely seems to see beyond his point of view. These guys can come packaged as difficult, profound colleagues, or worse, as a boss. Get them going Wild at our team trek outing where simple survival lessons can teach them that everyone in a team counts. Engaging everyone in a team and sharing skills is the larger secret to bigger career glory.

Quiet? Make them talk

Stage fright is god’s gift to most people. It is the perfect excuse to stay away from the limelight, stay away from presentations and stay quiet at crucial meetings. The people afflicted with stage fright will not publicly admit it, but will readily come up with reasons to avoid speaking situations. Give them a Wild discussion session by the pool and see them bloom into confident contributors.

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