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Learning through Adventure in a Natural environment can be both fun and self-enriching.

Want to get the most out of your trips to Discovery Village? Let us set the right expectations and help plan ahead.

Determine team size. The number of people that make up the team directly affects the dynamics of
the experience. It also helps ascertain what activities would be best when it comes to involving everyone on the team.

Ascertain the purpose. While the general premise might be around team-building and having fun, some specific reasons should be highlighted in order to tap into the full potential of the Discovery Village experience.

Plan the agenda. Once your purpose is clear, choose from the set of programs at Discovery Village. Plan ahead to fully utilize your time here, help your team realize their potential and have a great time.

Double check transportation. Make sure you have on-time, reliable transportation when you visit Discovery Village. You don’t want to arrive late or spend crucial time worrying about transport.

Keep track. As a necessary virtue in any leader, the ability to oversee and control your team is crucial to have a smooth and enjoyable outdoor experience.

Do remember to look up our list of things to carry for each location before you actually visit us.

Here are some insights that concern today’s workforce. These insights stem from years of interaction with and training of people employed in global corporations.

Hello, here are some insights that concern today’s workforce. These insights are a result of years of interacting with and training people employed in global corporations. We have a track record of training over 5000 people from top global and Indian corporations with outbound programs. Here’s what we discovered.

#5: Your people may not be clear how to contribute

It’s strange but true. In a people-driven industry, it takes six months to two years for a new employee to truly understand what and how he or she can deliver based on what your organization expects. The more time he or she takes, the more you lose out on productivity.0ef.e6d.myftpupload.com

#4: Your people may not open up for a long while

This is a result of not being able to fit in quickly. While some people may be able to blend in immediately, others find it difficult. And this will definitely result in underutilization of hidden potential.0ef.e6d.myftpupload.com

#3: Your people may not be clear how to work with peers

As organizations grow in size, communication among people often becomes minimal. People spend long hours typing emails for issues that could be sorted out in 10 minutes through a face-to-face discussion.0ef.e6d.myftpupload.com

#2: Your people may not know how to collaborate

When people don’t communicate, they can’t be expected to collaborate. While collaboration is a buzzword today, the truth remains that the potential of working together is largely unrealized.0ef.e6d.myftpupload.com

#1: Your people may never think of their immediate bosses as people who think well of them

Today, everyone is busy at work, trying to get things done. Sometimes, people may adopt an unfavorable image of their managers because of misconceptions.0ef.e6d.myftpupload.com

Now that you know this, what do you do? Come over to one of our Wild Offices with your people for a spot of experiential training. Set the misconceptions right, highlight the importance of clear communication and collaboration, and go back as a team.

Embracing your fun side and going back to your roots, all on a weekday when you are supposed to be stuck in office, can happen in the wild.

Getting back to our roots

Today, in the short span of a month there are numerous trips we undertake for the
sole purpose of recreation to places such as shopping malls, movie theaters, amusement parks, restaurants, homes of our friends, etc. In doing all this, there is now a certain numbness, a certain routine like quality that is completely devoid of emotion. Boredom can seep in and take strong hold of our thoughts. Embracing our fun side and going back to our roots, all on a weekday when we are supposed to be stuck in office, can happen in the wild.

Our lives are short

‘Life is short’ is the most overused, misused phrase in today’s gung-ho, wannabe Che Guevara type generation. Nobody actually knows what
the real significance is. There are certain limits that nature places on us once we reach a certain age. Physical and mental limits. Before these limits seep in, we have some solid time to do what we want to do. Today, most people want to travel and see the world. Few ever allow themselves to do so. Doing what we want to should see no procrastination. Testing the limits is lots of fun, and when done together, develops a healthy respect and bond between the people involved. Imagine, boring meetings and training sessions, which usually take place in the four walls of an office, can now take place with the river as the backdrop and the mountains in the horizon. Our time, your time, is now.0ef.e6d.myftpupload.com

Fun + learning is not just a tagline to sell toys

Everyone wants to have fun. But, somehow, the word fun is only associated with weekends. There is no bimbo school of thought that says, “Wow, Tuesday afternoons are so much
fun #funnninoffice.” Offices are associated with boredom and as a direct result so are weekdays. With Wild Offices, the poor much cursed weekday gets a break. Here, a mid-week getaway is not just a platform for the employees to let loose, but it is also a place where creativity is stimulated, relationships are made and the productivity of every single person is increased.0ef.e6d.myftpupload.com

People who actually know what they are talking about

Left to our own devices, we do what
we know is safe. We do not take unnecessary risks and have a strong love for our comfort zone. To get out of this, and to achieve everything that you set out to achieve is not easy. Our Wild Offices program has instructors who have specifically been trained for
the purpose of helping you stay safe while pushing you to the maximum. Generally, in today’s world, there are a lot of people who are just full of hot air and half-baked information. At your Wild Office, you will actually meet people who know exactly what they are talking about.0ef.e6d.myftpupload.com

Lose your inhibitions

Say what you want to, sit how you want to, enjoy the fresh air and breathe in the purity of the countryside. Inhibitions can mean anything, your inhibition could be heights or it could be talking
to your colleague who sits five feet away from you. We have become so comfortable with the idea of sending mails and messages to people within whispering vicinity that we have forgotten what spontaneity is. Your boss and you might share a passion for rock ‘n’ roll music of the 80s. The girl you could not say a word to could turn out to be a tomboy who makes you laugh. Losing inhibitions is the first and the biggest step towards building an awesome work environment. From Wild Offices, take the fun, laughter and creativity back to the four walls of your office.

Something to remember

Out of all the people we meet, places we go to, things we do, there is only that rare person, place or activity that truly touches us. We look for something deep and something that we ourselves cannot define. It can be defined as a sensory lack of feeling while in the quest for deeper meaning. Yes this is a little too deep, but at its very core, this is what Discovery Village is all about. Spend a day, a couple of days, a week, a fortnight or a month, but take back enough instances, memories and special moments for a lifetime, to sift through your brain and devour at will, regardless of where you are and what you are doing. The small things in life are what are important and our attitude towards everything is what will change our perspective. This is what is at the core of our Wild Offices.

Our retreats or Wild Offices are designed around training. People can discover their true wild side with even a single day here at our training programs.

By our wild officer


Hi there. We are in the business of discovery; not of precious metals or oil, but something far more valuable.

Human potential, as we help discover, is something that can change the world. After all, every modern convenience, every innovation, every billion-dollar tech company that sprouts up, is the result of someone thinking really hard and exploiting their potential to the fullest. So why do some people create tremendous value, while others choose to relegate themselves to a more common life?

Let us help you and your team members answer that in
one soul-searching, discovery-seeking day at our Discovery Village training programs. We fondly call our retreats, Wild Offices. We believe that people can discover their true, real wild side with even a single day at our training programs. Our retreats are designed around training and not the other way round.

Our Wild Offices experience brings people in touch with nature while helping them bond, collaborate and team up with other people. Mind you, some of these other people are those that they aren’t comfortable interacting with in office. After all, being able to collaborate effectively probably means developing the ability to navigate faster in the corporate world.

During our program, our trainers will unite your people by dividing them, by pitting them against one another in friendly competitions. We will help them lose their inhibitions by putting them through wild experiences, for example cave crawling. We will help them bring out the explorer within by taking them on tough mountain treks. We will bring out the entrepreneur in them by making them set up tents high up in the hills and doing all it takes to survive in the wild.3

Step into our Wild Offices, we promise that your people will step in as individuals and go back as a team.

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