Why Discovery Village?

09 November  |  At Discovery Village

Do you feel like your life is getting just a little too repetitive? Are you not feeling connected or bonded with your family? Is work wearing you down, but a lazy, comfortable weekend is just not enough to get you ready for another week at work? Need a little excitement? Maybe an adrenaline rush at Discovery Village will do the trick. While spas and beaches may relax you, the hill resorts near Bangalore will give you the excitement you crave!

What is Discovery Village, you ask? It is a number of resorts at multiple locations near Bangalore that are committed to give you an Active Getaway within the lush sights of nature. These resorts are so close to Bangalore that extensive travelling to and from will not take the magic away from your holiday. The rejuvenation you feel at being out in nature and stretching your muscles will not be taken away by the travel back home. Find the best activity for yourself at any of the adventure resorts near Bangalore.

Nature at its best


Whether you love the city or not, everybody needs to get out and breathe in the fresh air, and take in the green sights of the wild. In addition to the obvious benefit of being away from the pollution, nature has so many subtle benefits that affect the body in many positive ways. Your energy levels will go up, moods are balanced and you feel healthier. The green in the trees soothes your eyes and the activity in nature enhances any benefit you receive while exercising. Being in nature will strip you of all the stress accumulated.

Range of Outdoor Activities


Discovery Village has a range of outdoor activities that cater to everyone’s preferences. That’s what it makes it one of the best family resorts in Bangalore. Survival Camping is a popular activity along with a plethora of sports that include Archery and Target shooting at the resorts in Masinagudi. If you love the water, the resort at Kabini is for you. You could kayak, canoe, parasail and partake in the raft building activities, to name a few. Nandi Hills boasts of great team building exercises that can be fun for the family as well! The activities include Paintball, The A frame challenge and many more bonding exercises. The adventure resort in Bangalore is perfect for the family that loves activities like obstacle courses or rappelling and trekking and exploring. These resorts facilitate team building, a must for corporate outings.

Spending some quality time with your loved ones


Today, with the fast paced modern lifestyle, families rarely spend quality time together. These resorts make for the best family outings. Bonding with your family has never been this easy or fun! With so many activities, there’s no risk of anyone getting bored or getting absorbed by their smartphones. With the bonding exercises, your family will never feel as connected as at a family outing in Bangalore at Discovery Village.


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