When the HR heaved a sigh of relief!

02 November  |  Team Outing

When the entire team looks forward to a day for recreation activities, guess who feels the pressure? The HR lead or the coordinator organizing the ‘fun’ day outing. Ensuring that the arrangements live up to the team’s expectations – that’s a tough job. Here’s an account of how we managed to get a discordant team* to bond and get the coordinator to breath easy.

Here come the questions…

“We are a team of 76 people. Can you help us smoothen out discordant notes and facilitate team bonding? Throw in some fun too. Have you done this before?” Kind regards, coordinator.

…and we had the answers.

Team bonding and fun? That’s right up our alley and we’ve done it scores of times. We knew the first step to bonding is to get the team to de-stress. Dealing with the regular office pressures can leave the best of us jaded. So, we planned a series of activities that initially let the team unwind and relax, and then tackle some serious challenges.

Here come the doubts.

“This won’t be easy. Some members will be enthusiastic and some will resist following instructions. How will you get them all to participate and work in sync with each other?”

So do solutions.

Each team comes to DV with its own limitations and requirements. Over the years, we’ve learnt to tackle them all. This team too had its share of go-getters, mentors, followers, critiques, and fence sitters. Our tasks were designed to get them all to work. We got the natural leaders and go-getters to slow down their pace. This limited their contribution to the group, pushing the followers and fence sitters to take the lead.

More doubts surface…

“This outbound session is very important to us. Our senior officials are flying in to be part of it. One more thing… the session is on my birthday. Hope I won’t have cause for worry.”

… but get resolved.

The coordinator’s birthday? We had to make it memorable. And with senior officials coming in particularly to be part of the programme, the expectations were high. We gave it our best.  Activities such as Bull Ring and Cross Over encouraged collaboration while having fun. The activities were simple yet unlike anything the team had done before. Participants eventually learnt that collective thinking is the key to achieving common goals.

Remember the fears about team participation? We had all 76 people perform tasks enthusiastically, and by the end of the session, each member realized the need to shoulder individual responsibilities while keeping in mind the team’s overall objectives.

And finally…

“You guys made our day! The best example of team spirit is what we take back from here. Will be back with the team again.”

Guess we managed to live up to the expectations and create a memorable team building experience. Happy birthday, coordinator!


* The team was from a financial service company and visited our Nandi Valley Hills property. Names have not been disclosed in the interest of the client’s privacy.

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