Why settle for a glass and steel cubicle when you can brainstorm in a cave? Our Wild Offices enable teams to discover their true potential in a natural environment. Our conference facility is well equipped to host team meetings. Thoughtfully designed activities promote learning and strengthen collaboration. As for time to unwind and do nothing… we can tailor a package to include that too.

One of our most popular packages, this includes:

  • Three to five activities – from our standard range 
  • Nature Walk & Bird watching (on weekends only)
  • Four meals – lunch, high-tea, dinner and breakfast

What you get: 3 to 5 standard activities + Nature Walk & Bird Watch (on weekends only) + facilitators + 4 meals

 *Facilitators are subject to group size

This day-long package includes:

  • Five to seven activities – from our standard range
  • Three meals – choose from breakfast, lunch, high-tea and dinner, based on what time you reach/ depart from Discovery Village

What you get: 5 to 7 standard activities + 3 meals + facilitators

Ideal for team briefings and conferences, our package includes:

  • Two activities – conducted by well-trained facilitators
  • Two tasty meals – choose from breakfast, lunch, high-tea and dinner

What you get: 2 activities + facilitators + 2 meals.

Need to drive home your corporate values? Or add some spark to an induction program? Perhaps your folks need to experience the power of team play or just shed those inhibitions and shake a leg. Whatever the agenda, our trained facilitators can tailor a plan, complete with the right activities, to suit your specific team needs.
Family day, office founding anniversary or just a special picnic – Discovery Village locations have the right mix of action and leisure to make office outings memorable.
The simplest of events take on a charming new vibe when hosted at our green locations. Board meeting, product launch or training session, let it unfold at our campus. We provide comprehensive packages, which include meals and the use of our facilities.
Our locations are easily accessible from Bangalore and equipped with state of art conference facilities. This makes them ideal venues for seminars and conferences. No noise, no distractions. In fact, the friendly environment promotes participation and people interaction.
Our four stunning locations offer teams a range of unusual activities. Each activity is designed to provide insights into how individuals and teams function, making the outbound experience more meaningful for your people. What’s more, the processes and equipment have been tested scores of times to guarantee both – safety and fun.
wild offices
For teams that want to push the boundaries in a natural environment – our Wild Offices offer rich learning experiences.
How to plan your corporate outing
our locations
38 km from Bangalore 1 hour from MG Road 12 rooms + tents
Most Popular Activities


Dynamic Obstacle Course


Cave exploration

Amphitheater, swimming pool, outdoor activities
Nandi Hills Valley
62 km from Bangalore 2 hours from MG Road 18 rooms + tents
Most Popular Activities

Rope course challenge

Trekking near Bangalore

Survival Camping

Paint Ball In Bangalore


Conference center, swimming pool, outdoor activities
220 km from Bangalore 4.5 hours from MG Road 4 rooms
Most Popular Activities



Raft building


Rooms with indoor pool, swimming pool, outdoor activities arena
240 km from Bangalore 5 hours from MG Road 4 rooms
Most Popular Activities

Trekking near Bangalore

Open-air games arena, shooting rage, outdoor activities
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Had a great time out here with a team of nearly 35 people. Very defined way to keep the crowd engaged with all activities. An amazing place with all sorts of amenities. Not too far from the city and at the same time not too crowded as well.

It's a must go types.

Team EMC
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