Vacationing during Diwali this year Here’s how to celebrate

05 October  |  Listicles

Flowers, sweets, the whiff of incense and the glow of sparklers are all the heartwarming memories and impressions associated with Diwali. A festival which focusses on home and hearth, it is usually preceded by spring cleaning in households across India. However, if this is the only time you have got in an otherwise busy work schedule, Diwali is a great time for a vacation too! If you live in Bangalore, take advantage of the brief break and head to one if the Discovery village resorts in the city’s backyard to celebrate the festival of light in nature’s lap.

We have some tips on how to celebrate Diwali for those who want to take a break away from home and relax without the cares and responsibilities of home while enjoying all the cheer of the festival.

  1. Carry your festive clothes with you

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Planning and time management is the key here. Don’t shop or plan to pick up your clothes from the tailor on the day or the day before you are leaving. Take festive clothes that are practical for travel, do not take up too much space, and do not need to be ironed before wearing.

  1. Pack your favourite sweets in air tight boxes

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Worried that your Diwali special Motichurladdoos will be unavailable at your destination? Carry them along with you. Pack the special food items that are particularly evocative of the festival in air tight boxes so that you can welcome the day with all your Diwali staples, even while enjoying yourself at a hotel.

  1. Pack your Tech- so you can call loved ones and wish them on D-day

Even if you want to get away from it all, carry a phone and a charger, enter the numbers of all your loved ones so that you can call and wish them on Diwali. A laptop or smartphone which let you place a video call can add extra warmth to Diwali wishes by adding a hint of personalization.

  1. Rest well before your trip so you look fresh in your festive vacation pics

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While most of us might have to work until the last minute so that we can take an unhindered break during the festival, it helps to sleep well the day before you travel.Your beauty sleep is the key to memorable holiday pics where your face is bright. Well not as bright as Diwali crackers, but almost getting there. Catching a few z’s as you travel is a great option too!

  1. Carry eco-friendly Diyas that you can light up at the resort/hotel

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Don’t miss the traditional lighting of lamps even when you are away from home, carry candles and diyas which you can light at your verandah or room window. If hotel regulations do not permit you to use fire, add the twinkle of LED diyas to your room or visit a local temple and light all the lamps that you want.

Remember why you took a holiday away from home and don’t forget the little details. The spirit of Diwali is important and if you feel the spirit by lying on a bed in the comfort of a hotel room? You’re defeating the evil of exhaustion with the good of sleep.

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