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09 September  |  Team Building

People are an organization’s most precious resource. Inspiring them to think out of the box, keeping them motivated, getting them to pool their energies and perform as a team – the challenges are the same no matter whether you are an MNC, a not-for-profit enterprise, a youth club or an apartment committee.

How can you counter these challenges and bring out the best in your people? How can you help them realize their own potential?

Put away the traditional team building theories. Give those jaded picnics and movie sessions a miss. Bring your people into our wild playground. Our locations let people have so much fun that collaboration, team building, leadership development, and creative thinking become natural by-products of the process.

Our list of fun activities for groups include:

A Frame

Think leaders have it easy? We have just the right activity for you. Transport the leader of your team on a bamboo frame. Get creative. Get it right. The simple task is rich in leaning and offers many insights – on team dynamics, a leader’s role in an organization and team work.

A to Z

This action-packed task gets everyone scrambling to collect a list of objects in a given time. Frenzied activity. Spontaneous collaboration. Wild cheering. It’s high-energy team play, great for leadership development and team bonding.

Big foot

You’ll struggle, you’ll stumble, you’ll take a huge step and laugh. All as a team. Each member’s left foot is tied to one plank and right foot to another. With your feet tied to two planks, negotiate a marshy area and reach the finish line. Fun, creativity, team play… what’s not to like here?

Land mine

Your task is to guide your blindfolded team member across the mock landmine. You can use only four words to communicate. Leadership, accuracy in communication and trust among team members – this activity tests and helps develop them all.

Paint ball

A fight can be so much fun when it’s paint ball. Run. Take cover. Collaborate with your team. Shoot your opponents and achieve your targets. Paintball guarantees hours of fun for the entire team and is a popular way to nurture leadership, and planning and communication skills within the group.

Shapes and colours

Your blindfolded team is given objects of different shapes and colours. You need to identify the objects based on instructions. Wild guesses, absurd suggestions, laughter and cheering – the game brings them all out and highlights the importance of verbal communication.

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