The Ultimate Guide To Indian Desserts This Festival Season

21 September  |  Listicles

Festive seasons showcase cultural trends and what better way to reveal the taste of India through Indian sweetsand Dasara special recipes? For people with sweet teeth and sugar addicts alike, try out these exotic Indian desserts while enjoying your stay at Discovery Village Resorts in Bangalore

  1. Gulab Jamun

Warm, sticky, irresistible, and sinfully delicious, the Gulab Jamun tantalises taste buds and special meaning to the cultural sweets of India. Variants of the Gulab Jamun include Indian sweet recipes mixing in rice flour and banana in Gulab Jamun creations with a South Indian twist!

  1. Kulfi

Served rosily with a dash of faloodas, the Kulfi is traditional Indian ice-cream – minus the whipping. They come in a variety of flavours and are served with Jalebis and special toppings like thinned noodles, honey syrup, and dried fruits.

  1. Halwa

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Served especially in all resorts near Bangalore, the Halwa stands out amongst sugary Navratri recipes with the most popular flavour variant being Carrot Halwa. Originating from the kitchens of the Mughal dynasty, it is made from milk, sugar, and ghee.

  1. Kheer And Phirni

Smooth and creamy, Kheer and Phirni are types of white rice puddings flavoured with saffron and cardamon. Kheer is served both chilled and warm while Phirni is served as a cool dessert.

  1. Rabri

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Creamy, sweet milk, thickened with layers of cream, the Rabri is a must-have for travellers during their jungle stay in Masinagudi! This delicious dessert can be eaten alongside other signature favourites like Jalebi and Gulab Jamun, and a treat fit for the royal.

  1. Ladoo

Image Source: ruchiskitchen

The laddoo is India’s poster child amongst cultural sweets. Laddoos are eaten every day as well as during festive occasions. Devotees in temples also consume this popular cultural sweet. Round and sugary, it is made from gram flour, semolina, and coconut – is there anything not to like?

  1. Barfi

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A sweet with a silver foil styling on the front (which is of course, edible!), the Barfi is condensed milk mixed in with ground pistachios and cashews. Kaju Barfi and Pista Barfi are the most popular types of Barfi eaten at any day outing resort in Bangalore.

  1. Jalebi

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Sugary coils of refined flour dough dipped in saffron syrup, the Jabeli is the unhealthiest but tastiest of them all in the list of cultural sweets. Its heritage tracks back to the dates when the Persian invaders brought it to India.

  1. Peda

Image Source: milkmaid

The holy grail of Indian sweets, the Peda originated from Mathura and is shaped like a milk fudge. You can think of it as the Indian brownie that’s yellow in colour and topped with pistachios and nuts! Kesar Peda, a saffron-based variant is the most popular version of peda eaten in India!

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