Trigger-happy team building

22 July  |  Team Building

What is an action-packed, fun, exciting way to add zest to your office outing? What is a bold, new way to get your people to think, act and achieve, as one team?

Paintball. Battle fatigues, guns and splotches of colour make teams laugh and play together, building a sense of camaraderie.

Typically, in a game, your people are divided into two teams. Each team has to develop strategies to invade and capture the rival team’s territory and flag, while defending its own.

At Discovery Village, Nandi, the entire game is set in a wooded arena, giving it the feel of a real jungle battle. Teams need to dart behind trees, zip across imaginary enemy lines and shoot at sight. Strategies, effective use of resources and problem-solving skills are all tested.

The uninhibited play prompts employees to work together, irrespective of their role and designation at office. Chairman and HR assistant now need to collaborate. People who might have just smiled at each other in the canteen now need to team-up! Communication and interaction improves. Natural leadership qualities get highlighted. Apart from that, paintball can be used effectively to:

  • Drive home key management lessons
  • Make an employee family outing fun
  • Assess leadership qualities in people
  • Foster team spirit and initiative
  • Break gender barriers
  • Boost employee morale and inject enthusiasm into teams

In fact, elements can be introduced in the game to meet specific corporate objectives – from goal setting to efficiency improvement. The best part: objectives are cloaked in such fun. Employees often forget that this is a team building exercise and let their hair down.

The next time you need an off-beat but effective team building tool or just a fun event to break office monotony, choose paintball. Head over to our Nandi Valley or Kanakpura retreat; give your people some truly wild, colorful moments.

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