Trekking around Nandi Valley Hills

29 September  |  Team Outing

Trekking around Discovery Village Nandi Hills

“Look deeply into nature, and then you will understand everything better” ~ Albert Einstein

Einstein could not have stated it any better. And, once in a while, we need to apply it in our daily lives. Go into wilderness, away from the boundaries of a corporate office and its formalities, but with the team. Besides accomplishing the tasks at hand, every team has the underlying purpose of moving ahead – both collectively and individually. This is the spirit we try to emulate and promote while conducting treks for corporate teams.

Bangalore sits right in nature’s lap surrounded by idyllic hills, rivers and forests, which offer excellent routes for trekking activities in Bangalore. We, at Discovery Village, strive to ensure that your treks and other activities are memorable, exciting, interesting and, more importantly, safe. We want you to enjoy the beauty of unique spots and also learn about the flora and fauna that make these spots so unique. We bring to you a gem of a trekking activities at Nandi Hills and its surroundings.

Location. Nandi Hills and the surrounding Channarayana Hills lie around 60 kms away from Bangalore.

Activities. There are several trek routes, through these hills, to suit the ability and strength of different kinds of trekkers, from beginners to experts. There is a simple rustic way up the hills for trekkers with little or no prior experience. This is an easy path but long and winding. For mid-level trekkers, we have a steep trek up the Channarayana Hills. This is a shorter but more strenuous route. For the extreme enthusiasts, we have marked the perfect multi-terrain trek circuit through grasslands, bushes, rivers, rocky ways and some paved roads. This is one of the most arduous treks. But we ensure the safety of the participants and make sure that they are not dehydrated or extremely fatigued at any point of time. Besides the trek, we also take you to a rappelling point, Hyder Ali Point, which is a 90-degrees inclined rock at a height of about 80 m. This is a great place to rappel down; its steep incline is at par with the best in the world.

Sights around. This famous chain of fortified hills has always enchanted people, offering spellbinding views of sunrise from the hilltop. In fact, one of the most sought-after activities in Bangalore is to experience the sunrise at Nandi Hills. However, most people are unaware of the other bounties of nature which abound in these hills. With six rivers Papagni, North and South Pennar, Arkavati, Chitravati and Palas flowing through the hills, the area is bustling with pleasant sounds and sights, and also has rare flora and fauna. There is also the majestic Channarayana Durga fort up on a nearby hillock. This ancient fort makes a fascinating visit for anyone interested in history. Some parts of the fort are in ruins but others remain intact.

This is one of the very best places for an outdoor adventure. So, get into your trekking gear and get ready to explore the enchanting hills.

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