Trekking around Discovery Village Bangalore

29 September  |  Team Outing

Trekking around Discovery Village Bangalore

At Discovery Village, we offer treks under the expertise of our trained, well-experienced and knowledgeable naturalist guides. When the trekking zone involves a wildlife arena, extra precautions are taken to ensure the safety of the group members and also to make sure no damage is caused to the ecology.

Along with trekking, we also offer excellent rappelling and nature exploration facilities. Our flawlessly planned nature trek expeditions on the circuits described below gives your whole team a chance to rejuvenate and come back fresh and energized to tackle their professional goals. Discovery Village Bangalore offers you an active life experience and wonderful trekking at Muthuraya Hills.

Muthuraya Hills are located 35 kms from Bangalore close to Ravgudlu, off the Kanakpura Road. This trek is organized from Discovery Village Bangalore.

The primary focus is on trekking and rappelling. The most brilliant opportunity for a group trek is at the hillock of Muthurayanabetta. It is not a hard route. The trek up makes for an easy and enjoyable journey, suited for a group where not all people maybe experienced trekkers.

The more adventurous do not have to frown though. They can get their dose of adrenaline by rappelling down the flat face of the hillock. It is one of the very best rappelling spots in India. And our special efforts go all the way to ensure your safety, which means you can rappel down without a worry.

Discovery Village also organizes survival camping to bring down things to the bare essentials. The camping gear is extremely light-weight, portable and restricted to the very basic items for shelter, food, heat and safety. Survival camps are ameliorated with several delightful activities including bonfires, games and nature walks. Night exploration trips are also organized under the expert supervision of our experienced guides who can lead you through the winding and rustic ways of the forests safely and help you discover the magic of the area at night.

Added bonus – nature seems to have endowed this area lavishly with its gifts. It has a great mix of flora and fauna. It also has a few caves amongst the hills. This provides excellent opportunities for  cave explorations. It is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts and anyone interested can go into a wildlife discovery trip here. This is a also a great place to introduce kids to nature and novices to wildlife photography.

This lush green and quiet trek offers not only amazing adventures but also mesmerizing views of a  panoramic landscape around it. The sight is exceedingly stunning at  sunrise and sunset, when the skies are bathed in orange colour. Birds like egrets, white-breasted kingfishers, green bee-eaters, painted storks, herons, bulbuls and Indian robins, which are a rare sight even in famous bird sanctuaries, are spotted here very easily.

Come and experience nature in its very best form in this stunning area!

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