Travel Tips for Travelling by Bus

06 January  |  Listicles

Bus journeys are fun in many ways but can easily turn to nightmares if you make the wrong choices or forget some essentials. From seating space to food and hygiene, here are some of the most useful bus trip tips.

  1. Choose Your Seat Carefully

Nowadays, when you book your coach online, you can choose your seat. The place where you sit is the most crucial part of having a comfortable journey. When choosing your seat note the time of the journey and whether you are heading south or north. If you want to avoid the heat, choose a left-hand seat for a northbound journey and a right-hand seat if the bus is heading south. Choosing the right place is one of the major safety tips for travelling in bus journeys. The seats in the middle of the bus are considered to be the most comfortable.  At the back, it gets bumpier. Window seats offer a view but the aisle gives you space to stretch.

  1. Keep Yourself Entertained

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Keep your options open when it comes to entertainment on the journey. Reading can be a good idea if the journey is smooth and there isn’t much movement but it can also cause you a bad headache and even worse, nausea if the road is rough. Your phone is probably your best friend during a journey and there is enough on social media to keep you occupied. However, long journeys could also mean going offline for a long stretch. Keep a movie or your favourite show ready on your phone or tab. Make a travel playlist. There is nothing more satisfying than listening to your favourite songs while staring out at the countryside.

  1. Bring Your Toiletries

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Public rest stops aren’t the most equipped and just getting access to a clean loo is quite a relief. Pack your toiletries with you. Longer journeys will include more stops and you always want to have the option of freshening up if you need to.

  1. Pack Some Treats

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If you are choosing a good bus service, the good chance is that it would stop at a decent restaurant where you can enjoy a good and hygienic meal. However, one cannot take too many chances especially in long journeys that are a little off the popular routes. It is also completely natural to get hungry on the bus. A pack of biscuits or crisps is always handy.

  1. Pack an Energy Drink

Another awkward situation you may face on bus journeys is the need to use the bathroom at the wrong time. Maybe you can get away with stopping the bus once but it is ideal to avoid this situation. Pack a sports energy drink that would help you balance out your body salts without over-hydrating you.

Apart from these travel tips, always remember to be alert about your luggage. If you are a solo traveller try not wandering off and stay close to the crowd during stops. Make some friends even. Some good trip ideas near Bangalore include the forest destinations at the foot of the Nilgiris. Find Kabini river resorts or Masinagudi homestays for a rejuvenating escapade just a short bus ride away. If you can only accommodate a day trip in your schedule, there are resorts in Kanakapura road where you can unwind.


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