Top Destinations to visit during August

31 August  |  Listicles

It is the month of August, and the monsoon is at its peak, with rain making its presence felt all over the country. One can see green carpets, gushing rivers, mesmerising foggy climate and experience cool weather and lush green environment at all the popular destinations, thus making August the perfect time to plan a trip. You can also take advantage of the off-season rates that hotels and home stay options offer, which helps you to trim your budget and save some cash.

  1. Kerala – Nature lover’s paradise during monsoon

Kerala is fortunately blessed with two rainy seasons. The first one begins around June and pauses briefly in the month of September, and the second one from mid-October till the mid of November. With temperatures ranging from 22°C to 28°C, the weather is extremely pleasant, especially in the high mountains of Munnar and Wayanad. Athirapally Falls is one of the largest waterfalls of Kerala and the monsoons provide it with abundant water that is thrilling to watch.

  1. Pondicherry – temperature lessens during monsoon to enjoy the lush green fields and hilly terrains

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Monsoon in Pondicherry begins by the end of June and continues through September, during which this beautiful city receives light to heavy rainfall. Rains transform the entire region into a luxurious carpet of grass, giving the landscape a complete makeover, making it an ideal time to visit Pondicherry. August is also the time for Sri Aurobindo’s birthday celebration adding to the flavour of this wonderful season.

  1. Cherapunji – Exciting monsoon trekking trips

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Cherapunji lies at a dizzying height of 4500 feet from sea level, full of foaming rivers and mist-laden mountains. During monsoon, one can experience the swirling clouds that are heavy with rain turning Cherapunji into a breath-taking location. Monsoon is the only season this place in Meghalaya experiences, and it is one of the wettest places on earth. Tourists can take in the beautiful sights during the day as rains are thoughtful enough to fall during late evenings and night.

  1. Rajasthan – rain splashed majestic palaces

If you are keen to check out the unexplored side of Rajasthan, plan a trip to this desert land during monsoon. This historical land does not experience torrential rains like we see in Maharashtra as the occasional heavy shower drenches the parched land intermittently. Few people travel to Rajasthan during monsoon, so if you want to avoid the holiday rush and crowds, block dates this August. The stone palaces get a fresh scrubbing, and the sand and dust is washed off, giving it a radiant look.

  1. Maharashtra – enjoy the cool

Maharashtra receives abundant rainfall during the months of June to September and brings a smile to the parched earth that has faced a hot summer. Hill stations like Mahabaleshwar, Matheran, Lonavala, MalshejGhat and Igatpuri are some of the most frequented tourist destinations during the month of August when rains are at its peak. Rains are instrumental in lowering temperatures dramatically with widespread greenery all around making Maharashtra one of the best places to enjoy the glory of monsoon.

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