Top 5 Adventure Sports in India

18 January  |  Listicles

India is a land of contrasts and adventure seekers can spend an entire lifetime exploring its various geographical wonders. From high-altitude getaways to jungle treks and water-based activities, there are more than enough options for a complete experience. Here are 5 activities that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Conquer the Rapids

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Negotiating the rapids of India’s rivers is a challenge that is attracting rafting enthusiasts from all over the world. White water rafting is an activity that can be performed at many levels, depending on the expertise of the participants. The gushing mountain river landscapes of Rishikesh, Dandeli, Kolad, Arunachal Pradesh, and Kullu are some of the top destinations for white water rafting in India.

Trek the Himalayas

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The epic Himalayan adventure is something that everybody wishes for. We have heard enough stories of bike rides and treks in the world’s highest peaks from our adventure-seeking buddies and it is no surprise that a mountain excursion lists high on the adventure options available in India. If you are looking to trek the Himalayas then familiarise yourself with the most popular routes. Some of the popular summer treks include the Pin Parvati Pass and the Roopkund treks.

A Rocky Adventure

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Where there are large rocks, there is a stage set for rappelling. From beginner descents to some of the toughest cliff faces, you are never too far away from this adventure. An activity that gives you quite a core workout, rappelling encourages people to explore rugged landscapes and enjoy beautiful sceneries apart from the main event itself. Ramanagara, which is on the Bangalore-Mysore highway is a great place to literally “learn the ropes” of this adventure discipline.

Bungee Jumping

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An activity not meant for the faint-hearted, bungee jumping is also one that helps you conquer your fears. Strap yourself to an elastic cord and take a plunge into thin air from a height. As crazy as it may sound, this is one of the most popular adventure activities across the world and performed with the highest standards of technical details and equipment. India has many popular bungee spots, from natural set-ups to artificially designed spots. Rishikesh, Lonavala and Bangalore are considered to be some of the top places for bungee jumping in India.

Explore the Deep Jungles

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Karnataka is home to some of India’s last big stretches of wilderness. The state has the highest number of adult wild tigers in the country and a jungle safari in Karnataka here will bring you up close to some of the most iconic species in the region.
There are many places around Bangalore where you can enjoy a weekend of adventure and relaxation. Browse some Kabini river resorts so you can enjoy some kayaking and safaris or cosy up in a Masinagudi homestay. You don’t have to go too far for some outdoor escapades. A Nandi Hills stay can include some scenic treks and bird watching.

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