Things to do during a family get-together

12 October  |  Listicles

The unending hustle of fast-paced modern living has driven families apart. Whether it is parents struggling to find a way to spend quality time with children, or an extended family finding it hard to stay in touch, lack of time has affected every relationship. It is therefore imperative that you take every opportunity you have to get together as a family, to have fun together and create happy memories. One of the best ways of creating a bond among family members is to play together. Read on for ideas on games and activities, which can make your next family-get-together an event to remember.


For a family which loves music, no gathering is complete without an antakshari session. A game which can be played by people of all ages, antakshari needs no accessories. Just divide the players into groups and start with your favourite song! The challenge is for the other team to sing a song with the letter which your song ends with.  Simple engaging and fun Antakshari is a game which no-one will bore of. Since it needs no props, it can be played anywhere. Many a tedious journey has been made memorable by this simple yet entertaining game.

Dumb Charades

At a time where the ability to communicate has become a rare quality, the game of Dumb charades comes as a learning experience. In this game, a team member is given a movie name to act out, and he or she must communicate the name to the other team members through sign-language alone. The game requires the signaller to be ingenious and the rest of the team to focus, in order to win the game. Frequent misinterpretation and funny gestures contribute to a lot of laughs as your play!

Card Games


A simple pack of cards goes a long way in bringing a group together. There are a number of card-games which you pay pick from, depending on the number of people interested in playing them. From the informal game of Rummy to a serious game of bridge or poker, every game is engaging and entertaining. So get out your pack of cards, stock up on nibbles and start dealing!

Weekend Drives


Leave the worries of home behind by converting your get-together into a road trip. Hiring a van, stocking up on munchies and hitting the road together is a great way to have a good time together. Not only is it a novel experience, but also takes a load off the shoulders of the hosts who can sit back and relax with everyone else. You could even head to an adventure resort and play innovative games together.

Outdoor Picnics


A chequered blanket, a basket of goodies, and a ball to throw around have symbolized family fun for ages. Think the old fashioned way and have a family picnic together for your next get-together. Perfect for sunny winter-days, picnics are a favourite among grownups as well as children. To make your day special, you could even carry along a barbecue or sporting equipment like cricket or badminton gear.

Whatever game you choose to play, do keep in mind that the aim of the exercise is to relax and come closer together through shared experience. Make sure that a misplaced sense of competitiveness does not come in the way of your day.

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