Things to do in Discovery Village Kabini

12 December  |  At Discovery Village

An escapade into the wilderness is a rejuvenating experience. At Discovery Village’s Kabini resort, you can connect with nature while enjoying a tranquil stay with all the modern conveniences you need.Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the landscape with a host of activities which will only make you crave for more. From jungle safari to river adventures, memorable experiences await the curious traveller.

About Kabini Resort

The Kabini River is one of the important tributaries of the Kaveri, and it originates in the misty mountains of Wayanad. Discovery Village’s Kabini Jungle Resort is located just 220 kms from Bangalore and getting there involves a scenic drive into the verdant ranges of the Nagarhole National Park. The rooms here are well-equipped and comfortable, designed keeping the vernacular architecture in mind and fitted with all the amenities you expect. Swimming pool facilities and an activity zone make this resort an ideal choice for large groups, such as colleagues on a corporate outing.

Step into the Water

Discovery Village Kabini is in river country and you need to experience the cool gushing waters to get the full experience of the place. Enjoy sessions of kayaking, as you negotiate the currents and observe the plant and animal life around you. You can also enjoy a relaxed boating experience on the waters of the Kabini River, a perfect activity if you are with the family. There are many water-based activities like canoe-building and raft building, which can be highlights of a corporate trip.

Wildlife Wonders

The forests around Kabini are known for the rich diversity of flora and fauna. Wildlife enthusiasts will love to embark on a Kabini safari. Animals like the tiger and the leopard prowl these jungles, rich in prey. Evenings are considered a great time to spot the leopards of this range, including their stunning melanistic versions, commonly called black panthers. The river is home to the Indian freshwater crocodile and a large number of waterfowl. Bird watchers would love a trip here – some of the bird species found are great cormorants, ospreys, eagles, Malabar trogon and more. In total, more than 350 species of birds have been identified in the Kabini forests. When in Kabini, you will also encounter majestic pachyderms, as the range is part of a very large habitat for Asian elephants. Early mornings and just before dusk are a good time to enjoy a safari in these deep woods.

Other Activities

Nature walks are a good way to see up close, the myriad plant species of the region, and feel the terrain up close. Nothing can beat the thrill of experiencing the forest when the predators prowl and darkness prevails. Night trails allow you to immerse yourself in this ultimate setting. Target shooting is another fun group activity at the Kabini resort, where you can enjoy some good-natured competition and bond with the rest of the gang.

Bangalore with its constant buzz is also a gateway to some of the best kept natural secrets of Southern India. Discovery Village’sresort inKabini blends right into the pristine environment, offering you a stage to unwind and indulge.

If you are looking for something closer you can opt for a stay in Nandi Hills, where you can enjoy some trekking. These resorts near Bangalore are also ideal for a corporate day outing, with enough activities to ensure bonding between participants.

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