Test Your Limits With An Adventure Holiday at Discovery Village

27 July  |  At Discovery Village

Challenges are hidden opportunities, and if the thought of taking them on excites you, then you are looking at life with a positive outlook. To encourage this positive attitude and to bring out the best in their employees, corporates today engage their team in sessions of structured adventure activities. Resorts like the Discovery Village are a popular destination for group outings, conferences and get-togethers. Carefully designed adventure activities, pristine locations and delicious food are what draw adventure seekers to us!

The drudgery of a repetitive routine often keeps professionals from realising their true potential. Keeping this in mind, more and more employers are choosing corporate day outings which encouraging employees to push their limits, break out of set routine and discover qualities they never knew existed. Besides providing a refreshing break, such outings also enhance bonding in the team, which is sure to spill over into the workplace.

Adventure holidays are also a great way for a family to get together and bond. At Discovery Village, parents can slow down and learn what it is like to be a child with their children.

Trekking and hiking:

All time favourites among adventure seekers, trekking and hiking open a world of fun to the avid walker. Discovery Village, one of the leading adventure resorts at Bangalore, makes sure you have a memorable experience with guided and assisted trekking session. Discovery Village resorts are located at four locations delicately poised between the city and vast expanses of untouched nature. Test your endurance on a rough mountain trail, or explore the lush greenery of a forest trail in the company of colleagues, friends, or family and create a bond which will last a lifetime.

Water adventure

This summer look beyond the swimming pool at your apartment complex and plunge into clear waters of the Kabini River at the Discovery Village Resort. A dream destination for water sports enthusiasts, the resort is also frequented by first timers. It is located on the banks of the Kabini River and is perfect for river rafting, kayaking and canoeing. The thrill of manoeuvring through the harsh waters and battling the flow of the river with sheer might of the body is unmatched. The staff from the resort ensures all that necessary safety arrangements are in place so that you can enjoy the experience.

The unique attraction at this location is the raft building session. A truly enriching experience, the raft building session sets your creative minds working. Experience the satisfaction of sailing down the river on a raft you have crafted yourself!

Plunge into the depths of a river, and then soar above the unspoilt locale in a glider. The parasailing session at the facility is another daring adventure that is a must-try.

Holiday activities that are based on the theme of adventure are gaining a lot of attention in the recent years owing to their uniqueness and fulfilling experience. Corporates families and individuals are jumping on the bandwagon to use the opportunity not only to create memories but also to identify potential talent. Book your adventure holiday today and go on the trip of a lifetime!

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