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27 July  |  Team Outing

Research indicates that sharing a relaxing getaway brings the members of a team together. Whether you have just put together a task force, or are seeking a way to reward people who have been working together for a long time, the best way to make sure they bond is to arrange an Adventure Getaway. Discovery Village stands out among the resorts which have made fun their business. Serene locales, innovative activities, and wholesome food are elements that make sure you and your team return rejuvenated from a memorable vacation.

Get To Know Each Other

Discovery Village is one of the most sought after resorts for corporate team outing in Bangalore. We have designed corporate packages which include scientifically designed games and activities. Each of these games enhances the group’s soft skills and promotes teamwork. From building rafts together to being part of competitive group activities which encourage communication and cooperation, there is a lot to choose from. Block games help a team work together and come up with some unique structures. Raft building and survival camping aim to improve leadership quality, while activities like Bull Ring and A-Frame brush communication skills. Between meetings and group activities, you will have access to calming yoga sessions to unwind

When Fun spills over to the workplace 

Research proves that a team which bonds outside the workplace also works together in a better way professionally. The relationship is strengthened by shared conversations and the introduction of a personal element in office relationships. Watch as projects get completed effortlessly when your team works in tandem.

Fun And Games Made Delicious With Sumptuous Food

At Discovery Village we make sure you have access to everything you need for a healthy break from routine. Our kitchens serve tasty and healthy food to soothe your appetite and ensure that you have the strength to tackle all the adventures lined up for you. Tuck into local dishes made of the best local organic produce.

In Your Backyard

Located close to the city, Discovery Village resorts are ideal for a weekend getaway. The sites chosen boast of unspoilt natural beauty, and terrain which is ideal for adventure sports. Located at various places like Bangalore, Ooty and Masinagudi, each resort has a unique draw. The resort in Nandi Hills is famous for zorbing and trekking, while the Masinagudi jungle stay is the best option if your team chooses to spend some time close to nature and wildlife.  We also have the facility of homestays in Masinagudi. If you and your team want to experience water sports, the Discovery Village resort at Kabini is the right choice for you.

A Balance Between Modernity And Nature  

Rooms at Discovery Village resorts have all the facilities you need for a comfortable stay. Fully equipped meeting rooms and conference halls enable you to take care of business too! It’s time to bid adieu to cubicles and lunch boxes and enjoy a fun filled holiday with your team at Discovery Village.

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