Sunlight and its benefits

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The sun is the undisputed source of energy for all the living beings on earth. It has been in our tradition to worship it as a god, primarily to emphasise its importance in our daily life. The cycle of day and night set based on the availability of sunlight dictates the life on earth. From plants and small creatures to mammals, we all absorb the energy from sun, in one form or other and convert it into kinetic energy. With outdoor space becoming such a rarity in today’s world, places like Discovery Village take you back to connect with nature and stay healthy. Here are a couple of benefits that one gets by exposing to the right amount of sunlight every day.

Biggest source of vitamin D


Vitamin D is an essential non-dietary vitamin, which our body requires to convert and store calcium in our bones. We may take a good load of calcium in our diet but without the vitamin D, our bones will not be able to store it. Of late there has been an increase in the awareness for the need of exposure to sunlight primarily during the early morning hours to get the right amount of vitamin D. Sun is the only natural source of this vitamin and it is an age old practise in our country to expose growing babies to early morning sunlight to absorb the much needed vitamin.

Lightens your mood

Researchers have recently found strong evidence in the role of sunlight to trigger the happy hormone ‘Seratonin.’ Unlike the sleepy hormone ‘melatonin’, produced during the night, the serotonin hormone is responsible for boosting the energy and mood. A correlation between the absence of sun and drop in the serotonin level leading to ‘seratonin affective disorder’ (SAD), has lead to the belief that a daily dose of expose to sun is critical for leading a happy life.

Keep cancer at bay

Contrary to the common belief that exposure to sun causes melanoma or skin cancer, moderate exposure actually has a very preventive anti cancer effect on the body.  Although the science behind the same is being researched, a correlation between the lack of sunlight exposure and higher risk of certain types of cancers has now been established. Particularly, pancreatic, ovarian, prostate and colon cancers have been found to occur with higher frequency in people with limited exposure to sunlight.

Have healthy skin


We may have noticed in skin clinics, that often regulated doses of UV radiations are administered as a treatment for skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and even jaundice. Apart from destroying the harmful bacteria on the skin, an exposure to sunlight can have a gentle healing effect on the skin.

Improved bone health

A routine of simple exercises in the early morning sun can go a long way in ensuring good bone density and bone health. Exercise ensures the efficient functioning of the osteoblast- osteoclast cycle or simply the bone recycle process and sunlight acts as a catalyst. The overall health is improved with better immunity, stronger teeth and sound mental health.

At Discovery Village, we have trained instructors who ensure you get your daily dose of sunshine and help you feel vitalised.

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