Steal away for a memorable weekend

27 June  |  At Discovery Village

Exceptionally productive work weeks have left us craving for the weekends. And when it arrives we are lost as to how to spend it, so we concentrate on unwinding. For Bangaloreans movies, malls, shopping and plays have become the usual routine of a weekend plan. While there is no doubt that they are fun to do, they do get monotonous after some time. Also, these activities don’t create a deep bonding with the family and friends. So, the new trend in town is a day outing in Bangalore resorts, just to unwind and relax from the fast-paced life of the city.

The best part about choosing to take a break in a resort is that it is usually away from the city and is surrounded by greenery. Breathing some fresh air in itself gives a total rejuvenation and relaxation to us. Moreover, at resorts like Discovery Village, the amenities and room facilities are so good that it gives an unforgettable and luxurious experience that one can lavishly enjoy. The Discovery Village group of resorts have two resorts in Bangalore located at two entirely varied locations. One at Kanakapura road situated at green pastures and the other at Nandi hills located in a hilly terrain.

The resort at Kanakapura road, situated just 38 km from the city, is a great place within the city for a memorable vacation with family and friends. The resort is packed with a range of outbound activities from cave exploration to zorbing.  An amphitheatre in the facility is a perfect place for you to show your theatrical skills and have some small performances. If you are taking kids along, then this place is sure to keep them occupied. Apart from being a very child-friendly resort, they also arrange for games for kids, so they don’t miss out on the fun. The quietude and the calmness of the place make for a great platform to sit back and relax before beginning another work filled week. You can hit the swimming pool or read a book in the tent houses, while some delicious food is prepared for you!

The other DV resort located a little further on the Chikballapur road at the foot of the Nandi Hills is designed to cater to trekking enthusiasts. Well, the uniqueness about this resort is that, it is located on the other side of the small mountain that is not well explored. The luxurious rooms located amidst hills give a very adventurous feel to it as the windows open up to the cool breeze of the mountains. A small trek or nature walk session to the hilltop, with the assistance of the resort staff, is a must try at this resort. Drenched in the freshness of the morning and the chirping of birds, the hiking activity is sure to transport you to a new world. Don’t be surprised if you hate to come back to the city after a stay in Discovery Village Nandi Hills Bangalore!

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