Staying Warm in the Winter Season

19 December  |  Miscellaneous

Packing for Adventure Activities during the Cold Weather


“Life is either a great adventure or nothing,” said Helen Keller, and words spoken have never been truer. The adrenaline in your system, the exhilarated heart and the fear pumping in every vein is a feeling that renews you and gives you this rejoiced view of life like never before. The attraction towards adventure sports stems from this very need for man to feel fear, to overcome it, and survive. Away from the mundane lives and everyday routine, oxymoronically, man finds solace in danger offered by adventure sports. As the winter is at the doorstep, and its holiday season, a larger number of people are engaging in spending time with their loved ones in beautiful locales, enjoying activities outdoors in the fresh weather.

Safety first


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While the mandatory safety procedures are meticulously followed, people often forget less essential aspects of adventure activities that can completely ruin a personal trip or a corporate day-outing. One the major precautionary steps that one should take while outdoors, especially in the winters is maintain homeostasis. Maintaining an optimum body temperature is crucial to keeping healthy for the adventure sports lined up for you.

Tips to stay warm outdoors


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Here are some things you can do to keep yourself warm in winters when spending time outdoors:

Layer Up – Remember to avoid certain fabrics like cotton during winters, especially if you are going to be spending a significant amount of time outdoors. Nylon is a good inner wear and wool or thermals are also useful and light; these are fabrics that work well when you are outdoors. Use waterproof jackets with mid-weight insulation that will protect you from cold winds or breeze.

Eat right – Hydrate yourself constantly because lower temperatures remove moisture which will leave you dehydrated very soon. Consume larger quantities of fat and calories since calorie is practically a measure of the heat and will help you generate warmth for the body.

The right footwear is key – One of the most important aspect of clothing in winters for outdoors is the right kind of footwear. Depending on the terrain, carry and use suitable footwear that keeps you warm. Keep the sole of your feet covered and warm and immediately remove any piece of clothing if it is wet or damp. The key to keeping your body warm is to keep your feet comfortable.

Keep it moving – While you are at an adventure sports outing this might seem ironic, but if you are feeling too cold and your body isn’t naturally warming up, the fastest solution is to engage in activities and movement. Take shorter breaks and avoid cooling off when you are cold.

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