Six tasks to get your creative cells ticking

02 September  |  Team Outing

Newton had his apple moment. Archimedes cried Eureka. Mozart made awesome music and Steve Jobs built a brand that epitomizes creativity.

Science has been studying the way the human mind works, trying hard to understand what goes into the making of a creative genius. Genetics, the surrounding environment, habits, just a disciplined approach to problem solving – there’s no single answer.

There’s no single definition of creativity either. What we know is that creativity can be stimulated and that it takes different forms in different people. From imagining solutions, to connecting dots and spotting patterns, and even crafting a piece of music, art or a dish – we are creative in our own ways.

Many of the activities at Discovery Village challenge you to think creatively and under different conditions. The calm surroundings add to the appeal of the tasks. The learning is invaluable: you find new ways to frame the problem, realize the importance of focus, and learn to appreciate creativity in its many forms.

Here are our top six creative activities for corporates.

Block game

The team is divided to represent a client, intermediary (person interacting with the client) and solution providers. The intermediary understands the client’s requirement and explains it to the solution providers, who in turn, create a structure based on these requirements.

The game represents real-life situations, where understanding and analysing information becomes crucial for solving challenges. Participants need to visualize possibilities and translate them into practical solutions. Perfect for corporate teams, looking to develop collaborative approaches to problem solving.

Tower of Hanoi

Stay engaged for hours. It’s a simple game. You need to move disks to create the defined shape. Rules specify how the disks are moved, imposing the necessary limitations.

Visualize next steps, learn from mistakes and patiently focus on the task, one block at a time. The game tests your planning and creative problem solving skills.

Raft building

Problem solving was never this fun. We give you all the material necessary to build your own raft. Play inventor. Collaborate with your team. Visualize the end product, fit the pieces in the right order and get your own boat ready.

It’s a great way to understand how different pieces come together to create a solution. Designed to generate ‘aha’ moments for the team.

Helium stick

The team members face each other and hold out their fingers to balance a stick. The goal: lower the stick to the ground and get it back to the top, without losing contact with it.

This simple challenge compels you to unlearn and relearn a lot that you know. It helps you analyse the problem and approach it in different ways to meet the goal.

Hands and legs

Creativity meets fun in this team task. Your team is given a combination: a specific number of hands and legs. Arrange yourselves in a formation, but with only the specified number of hands and legs touching the ground.

This activity demands spontaneous, creative thinking. You need to change formations quickly. It also tests participants’ spatial and kinaesthetic abilities.


Spinning the wheel seems simple enough, but crafting a pot on it needs immense skill. Our pottery wheel makes a point: some creative tasks don’t just need imagination. They also need hard work, skill and patience, which are developed gradually.

Pottery is an individual task. But families and teams can take turns to try their hand at the wheel, while learning from each other’s experience.

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