A Shining Summer Sunrise at Nandi Hills

06 April  |  Unwind

There is nothing as beautiful as watching a sunrise from the top of a hill. The cold early morning breeze coupled with the golden hue of the early morning sun is the perfect recipe to have a wonderful start to the day. Nandi Hills Bangalore is one of the most popular sunrise points in South India. Located at a distance of little over 60 KMs from Bangalore city, it offers some stunning views of the rising sun and the vast agricultural fields and the distant city below. Hotels in Nandi Hills are strategically located to showcase the best of the area, and to stay over at one is the best way to soak in the aura of the location.

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Nandi Hills – Early Morning long drive from Bangalore

The drive to Nandi hills from the city would take 1.5 to 2 hours depending on whether you are going by bike or car. The best time to go to Nandi hills is during the wee hours of the morning just before the sunrise. Nandi hills entry timings start from 6 A.M. and reaching there early will help you beat the morning rush and get a good spot to view the sunrise, especially on weekends. One day resorts near Bangalore at Nandi hills offer you the chance to experience the beauty at leisure.

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How to reach Nandi Hills:

You can prefer to take your vehicle to drive all the way on the Bellary road or NH 44.If you are looking to reach there without driving yourself, then you can either book a cab or take a Government bus that traverses the distance between Bangalore and Nandi hills frequently during the day.

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Things to experience at Nandi Hills:

In addition to watching the sunrise from one of the famous Nandi Hills viewpoints, the hills and valley resorts also offer other sight-seeing opportunities to the visitors. Some of the famous attractions on the hills are as follows:

• Tipu’s drop: A point on the hill from where Tipu Sultan’s prisoners were dropped to their death
• Gavi Veerbhadra Swamy Temple: A natural formation of boulders has been transformed into a temple and is now a famous tourist spot for people visiting the hills.
• Secret escape route: Located on the west side of the hills is a secret passage that is believed to have allowed kings to escape in case of attacks.
• Playground for children: The hills also have a well-maintained playground for children so that they can enjoy as well.
• The site of origin of Palar River: A small spring on the eastern side of the hill gives rise to the Palar River and is visited by tourists frequently.

Overall experience at Nandi hills:

Whether you are going to watch the sunrise only or plan to spend the entire day with your family and friends and do a picnic, Nandi Hills is a perfect getaway. On some days, the hill is covered with clouds and dense fog. It is a mesmerising sight to watch the sun come out from behind the layer of clouds.

Nandi hills is a beautiful tourist outing site and is a must visit for anyone who is in or around Bangalore.

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