Serenity and health: The need for mental peace

19 December  |  At Discovery Village

“Do your work, then step back. The only path to serenity,” said Lao Tzu, and this rule doesn’t change with time. In today’s cut-throat and competitive world, the importance of serenity is being hugely undermined. In the wake of success and development, we are failing to acknowledge the need to be serene, i.e., as the definition goes, in a state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled.


Ask yourself this question. When were you really last serene? When was the last time you were truly unperturbed by anything and/or anyone? With success and prosperity on the forefront of your mental awareness, there is hardly any room left to care about your soulful well-being. Think about it – not many of us synonymise the well-being of the mind with sound health, do we?

The recent movie, ‘Dear Zindagi,’ aptly pointed out how tabooed the whole concept of getting therapy from a psychologist, or the so-called ‘brain doctor,’ in our country is. It is almost considered a sin of sorts to be suffering from a troubled mind, so much so that it is a matter of shame. But what if it weren’t allowed to get till there? What if we could do well by our mental peace just by taking a few more proactive steps?

Get out!


Here is where the importance of being outdoors enters the fray. We need to understand that being outdoors isn’t only for kids. As we, as adults, get busy with our careers and other day-to-day issues, it becomes all the more important to take a break and get out of our routines, rooms and cubicles.

Just head out to a Masinagudi jungle stay for the weekend and reconnect with nature. Or you could just do a family outing in Bangalore or visit any of the resorts near Nandi hills. Managed by Discovery Village, you’ll find a host of activities at these venues, ranging from facilitating adventure to bonding, whatever suits your need!

No shame in solo


Sometimes, it is also required for one to have some alone time to regroup that mental peace and serenity that is lost to the ramblings of a routine. Don’t ever shy away from just spending a weekend away at any of the hill resorts near Bangalore to unwind.

A lot of the activities and events conducted by Discovery Village at these venues are aimed just at making this soulful re-connection happen. There is enough proof in human history over the years to prove that being outdoors hugely boosts mental health and peace.

We need to understand one thing for ourselves – that through these getaways and breaks, we are doing a service to ourselves as much as others. For being at the optimum mental health and happiness, these vacations are a must, otherwise we’re just mechanical beings as opposed to human beings.

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