Rainwater Harvesting DVs Responsible Tourism

05 October  |  At Discovery Village


what is Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is a process of collecting rainwater from various man-made hard surfaces like rooftops. This water is then stored and reused for several other purposes like irrigation, livestock or watering gardens.When treated using different purification methods, it can also be used as drinking water.Rainwater systems come in all shapes and sizes and most systems are comprised of the same basic components

Why should we do rain water harvesting

With monsoon rainfall decreasing every year, we are bound to face serious water crisis that can exhaust all the quintessential natural resources that we are gifted with and lessen the chances of having a healthy ecosystem for our future generations.

Every year, different regions in India are hit by drought,and people struggle to get water for basic needs like drinking and cooking. Rather than solely relying on government for passing laws for water conservation, we as individuals can make a big difference by taking measures for rainwater harvesting.

Advantages of rainwater harvesting


  1. Augments ground water table when used to recharge ground water.
  2. Diminishes rapid decline of groundwater as its dependency decreases when water from rainwater harvesting is used for miscellaneous purposes.
  3. Reduces soil erosion due to water runoff during monsoon as water is collected, and thereby the intensity of water flow is reduced right from the time it touches the ground.
  4. Helps in inculcating a water conservative mind since people gain more knowledge on how they can source water and utilize it efficiently based on their nature of usage.

Discovery Village is into Responsible Tourism of Rainwater Harvesting as a Resort.

Discovery Village believes in promoting an environment-friendly culture, one of the steps to achieve this being rainwater harvesting. By ensuring that rainwater is harvested on campus and utilised as efficiently as possible, DV manages to reduce dependency on local water supplies.

Rooftop rainwater harvesting in the resorts allows Discovery Village to collect and store rainwater, which is then used for multiple purposes.

Through this, the resorts aim to send the message that fun combined with eco-friendly conservative measures is possible. Being conscious and taking care of what we are already gifted with can have a significant positive impact on nature.

Discovery Village believes that sustainable practices can influence visitors so that they can have more interesting stories to share! Fun filled stories in line with eco-friendly measures that can inspire everyone to change the world and make it a better place to live in!

A lot of water is wasted in maintaining a swimming pool, be it in refilling it or cleaning the pool, where a lot of water is gushed down the drain. Discovery Village tries to minimize this by adopting sustainable practices where as a part of their Responsible Tourism motto they even maintain swimming pool water efficiently, by cleaning the water and re-using it again.

Still wondering why rainwater harvesting is important? Visit Discovery Village resortsnow to experience what luxury and responsible tourism feel like!

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