Preparing for your Wild Office trips

01 July  |  At Discovery Village

Want to get the most out of your trips to Discovery Village? Let us set the right expectations and help plan ahead. 

  • Determine team size. The number of people that make up the team directly affects the dynamics of
the experience. It also helps ascertain what activities would be best when it comes to involving everyone on the team.
  • Ascertain the purpose. While the general premise might be around team-building and having fun, some specific reasons should be highlighted in order to tap into the full potential of the Discovery Village experience.
  • Plan the agenda. Once your purpose is clear, choose from the set of programs at Discovery Village. Plan ahead to fully utilize your time here, help your team realize their potential and have a great time.
  • Double check transportation. Make sure you have on-time, reliable transportation when you visit Discovery Village. You don’t want to arrive late or spend crucial time worrying about transport.
  • Keep track. As a necessary virtue in any leader, the ability to oversee and control your team is crucial to have a smooth and enjoyable outdoor experience.

Do remember to look up our list of things to carry for each location before you actually visit us.

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