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08 July  |  At Discovery Village

Get the most of your adventure activities

It’s only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves. – Andre Gide

A tea bag discovers its own flavour in hot water. The human mind similarly discovers its own strengths when faced with challenges.  A peak to conquer, a forest to plot your way through, a gushing river to cross – there’s no dearth of activities for those chasing the adrenaline rush.

At Discovery Village, adventure activities are designed to help you push the limits and discover your hidden strengths. Here’s how you can get the most out of them.

Before arriving:

Plan your adventure. We offer a range of activities – from an exciting rope course challenge to surviving a night in the wild. The number of activities you can attempt will be based on the duration of your stay. Choose from the list and let our instructors know. They will help you get the most out of your time with us.

Define the learning agenda. What do you want your people to unlearn or learn afresh? What goals do you want them to meet? Our adventure activities can be planned around your learning objectives and team size. Define your expected outcomes and let our instructors do the rest.

Pack right. Avoid flowing garments and open footwear. A pair of sturdy shoes and comfortable shorts will see you through the most difficult tasks. Throw in a cap and water bottle to stay cool and hydrated.

Once you arrive:

Embrace the unexpected. Get ready to experience the new and unfamiliar. At first glance, some activities might seem overwhelming. Take a deep breath and calm those nerves. The first step towards adventure leads you out of the comfort zone.

Acknowledge the fear. Our survival instincts push us to fight or flee from a challenge. Remember, fear is natural. Acknowledge and then get ready to conquer it.

Assess your physical fitness. Breaking mental barriers is easy when your body is fit and can cope with the demands of the task. Be honest about your fitness levels; let our instructors known about injuries and illnesses.

During the activity:

Follow instructions. You are in safe hands. Our equipment meets stringent quality standards. Our facilitators have earned their stripes in demanding terrains. Just follow their instructions and that’s half the task done.

Keep calm and complete. Dangling from a rope 100ft above ground or crossing a cable bridge suspended in mid-air can send your heart hammering. But don’t stop. Our facilitators will guide you through the trickiest conditions. Keep calm and carry on. For at the end of the challenge, there’s a heady feeling of success waiting to claim you.

Plan, prepare and say yes to adventure. Experience the thrill. Once you taste victory, you’ll keep coming back for more.

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