Planning a Green Getaway

20 November  |  At Discovery Village

Are you looking for a different experience for your next weekend trip or corporate party? Adventure and luxury can go hand in hand with some responsibility too, so you can start by choosing a getaway that is environmentally friendly. Not to mention, the feel-good factor for playing your part when your trip winds up.

Why should resorts opt for Eco-Friendly Architecture?

The hotel industry has the reputation of being one of the most wasteful industries in the world, from exploitation of water resources to high carbon emissions. One of the main reasons for this is the infrastructural demands, where building designs chosen are incompatible with the surroundings. Informed travellers are now choosing getaways with green architecture. Green architecture, a sustainable form of building design used with eco friendly raw materials, is all about harmony with the surroundings. Companies like Discovery Village offer a range of resorts in Bangalore built around the concepts of green architecture, where you can step away from the grind and rejuvenate with friends and family.

What is Responsible Tourism?

Too often, booking a resort becomes an afterthought from the environmental perspective. Responsible tourism focuses on this facet of your trip, where you choose your destination with the intention to have a positive impact on the environment of the place.

How does it help the Environment?

When you opt for responsible tourism, you support the hotels and resorts which have chosen the green architecture and sustainable model of operations. Your environmental impact as a tourist is minimized through innovation and local experiences. Water harvesting and natural ventilation systems are just some of the many ways in which green hotels negotiate their environmental impact.

How should we do it?

Being a responsible tourist does not involve any compromises. You open yourself to innovative architecture and exclusive local activities. This philosophy makes your trip more fun than a jaunt into a regular standard resort, as you enjoy authentic and original experiences suited to the landscape of your itinerary. Spending some time in a green establishment is also a learning experience, where you learn about the simplest of hacks that you can even apply in your own homes.

Discovery Village resorts are based on an ecologically responsible building model. Whether you are choosing a Nandi Hills resort or are looking for the best jungle resorts in Kabini, with Discovery Village you can be assured of enjoyable experiences in a sustainable set-up. Enjoy the untamed and pristine nature of some of South India’s wildest destinations by staying in a resort that blends with the verdant topography, both in structure and impact.

Built with earth-friendly materials, Discovery Village’sresort buildings are designed for energy efficiency. Aesthetically, creative building designs based on the local ethos are applied, inspired by vernacular elements.Additionally, natural ‘coolant’ materials like bamboo and terracotta reduce the dependency on artificial climate control.

Getaways, whether long escapades or just a weekend or day out are the best way to refresh and rejuvenate. You can enjoy these serene moments and indulge in new exciting activities, while also reducing your negative impact as a traveller, by making the right choices. Celebrate the beauty of the planet with responsible tourism, and help preserve it too.

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