How to plan an effective one day trip

12 April  |  Miscellaneous

What do you do with a holiday that pops up in the middle of the week? What if you do not want to take a long weekend off but want to utilise that Sunday instead of the usual sessions at the pub? One-day trips can sometimes inject life into what is a dull phase of work and weekend routine, but you need to adopt some habits to get the most out of them.

So how to you plan a one day trip that is less ‘searching’ and more ‘experience’?

Destination Shortlist

Start comparing possible destinations within a 100 km radius, maybe you want to stretch it to 150. If you do want to go for a longer road trip, start your day early and choose a destination where the journey is interesting too.

Bandipur resorts and Masinagudi resorts are a common choice for trips from Bangalore, offering some rustic respite from the buzz of the city.

Decide on Activities & Landmarks

After deciding on the destination, you will find out certain attractions both offbeat and popular that fall on the way. Keeping in mind the time constraints, choose the stops you want to take, whether it is a historic temple or a scenic lake. A lot of times these landmarks are accompanied by food vendors and rest stops so you can plan your meals and breaks based on the journey highlights you stop for.

Plan Your Breaks

There is always that one friend who likes his tea-breaks and the other who constantly needs a water-break. The larger the group, the more important it is to maintain decorum and not end up wasting time on stops. Plan your meals and toilet stops together and do some basic research on restaurants and cafes on the way.

Pack for One Day, And a Half

If you are getting out of the city, chances are the weather might be a little different. Carry an extra jacket or sweatshirt in case the temperature dips during the ride home. Those same rules apply if you are heading off to a higher elevation. Do you really want to remember your day trip to Nandi Hills Bangalore as a bone chilling experience because you had packed for Koramangala instead?

Stock up!

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Basic first aid and surplus drinking water is a must. Some biscuits and light snacks are always a good idea, to keep those glucose levels up in case you are walking a lot.

Stay Connected

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You are certainly not going to forget your phone, after all this trip will probably go on Instagram. The electronics packed should also include a charger or power bank, for you may be using the maps on your phone, which drain your battery a lot. You will be taking more than the usual pictures too; another reason to have that power backup. Carry some small plastic bags to keep your electronics in, in case of rain. If you are packing a DSLR camera, take the case along- a measure against the possibilities of inclement weather destroying your fledgling photography career.

Dress appropriately

What activities are you going to be involved in? E.g If you are heading off to one of the resorts in Masinagudi, make sure are carrying footwear that is meant for walks and hikes. Hats are always important for sunny weather and raincoats can be stuffed in your backpack in case there is a chance of rain.

Do Them Often

One day trips are more than just token getaways because you couldn’t plan a ‘real’ one. They sometimes set the stage for some of the best memories and discoveries. Whether impromptu or planned, ensure that there are certain rules you follow and you can end up starting a tradition of joyful and short getaways.

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