Places for Rock climbing in Karnataka

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At first glance, rock climbing can be quite a daunting task, and rightly so. This fun yet rigorous activity lets your body undergo a major workout with focus on cardiovascular fitness and body strength. Rock and wall climbingis also a mental workout since it lets you figure out the best ways of navigation and staying safe. With Karnataka having a combination of terrains, in which the rocky hills seem to be prominent, it isn’t hard to find places for rock climbing. Try out this adrenaline-pumping activity if you never have before. Commune with nature or just have a fun outing with friends or colleagues, while scaling up the rocky slopes of these 5 must-visit locations.

  1. Savandurga

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With hills rising up to 4022 feet above the sea level, the towering location of Savandurga is situated in close quarters to Bangalore. The summit has two independent peaks that are separated by a chasm, and are called Kari Gudda and Bili Gudda. One of the best places for rock climbing, Bangaloresees a lot of rock climbing enthusiasts visit Savandurga and stay the night in the city. Savandurga is surrounded by serene atmosphere and lush greenery. It is ideal to start climbing early in the day to reach the peak before the midday sun hits the slopes. While the trek seems hard, the ethereal view and adrenaline rush makes the climb worthwhile. A haven for shrub forest and medicinal pants, Savandurga is a paradise for rock climbers.

  1. Madhugiri

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Also called as Maddagiri, Madhugiri is located in Tumkur, a town in Karnataka. The location has several giant rocks that rock climbers have enthusiastically taken to. Other than scaling the rocks, you can also visit the fort that is nestled into the steep slopes. The giant rock is considered to be the 2nd largest monoliths in Asia, making every climber feel even more special to achieve the feat. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind climbing experience that holds a lot of historical essence and stories to credit. Explore the series of doorways that open onto the hillock. Madhugiri is another weekend getaway from rock climbing enthusiasts, who can stay in the area or also find resorts near Bangalore.

  1. Hampi and Badami

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Any rock-climbing enthusiast would pick Hampi as one of the top points to go to for rock climbing. Popular as the rock country, Hampi is quite the paradise for climbers. It is evident that the experience of rock climbing on these slopes is thrilling. While the rocks are gorgeously cut, the Tungabhadra flows parallel below. Temples peep out at the world from beneath these giant rocks, making for a wonderful sight.

Badami plays home to some of the best rock climbing activities in the country. It is located towards the North-West of Hampi. There is a certain something for every climber in Badami, be it an amateur or a pro. The climbing trails are well hidden amongst the temples and cliffs.

  1. Skandagiri

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An ancient mountain fortress, Skandagiri is at a height of over 1350m. It is an ideal location for camping, bird watching, rock climbing and night treks around Bangalore. Resorts in Bangalore suggest Skandagiri as a must-visit location for a tete-a-tete with nature. The fort on the hill is dilapidated since Tipu Sultan’s downfall. While the trek is moderately difficult, it is an ideal night climb in order to watch the sunrise from the top. The view is breath taking, and the trek lets you discover two caves.

  1. Yana

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A village located in Uttara Kannada, Yana is a well-marked landscape for rock climbing. There is no necessity for a guide to take you across the rocks. Watch out for snakes and other reptiles while on the rocks, especially during hotter days. Yana also has a verdant forest and it is ideal to stick to the trail and not ruin the green ambience.

While rock climbing has become a popular adventure sport in Karnataka, climbers can visit Ramanagaram, Turahalli and Kanakapura for more rock formations to scale up.

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