Places In India That Resemble Their International Twin

28 September  |  Listicles

Traveling can sometimes become difficult in the land of culture and heritage with so many unique sites, and attractive landmarks to be seen. So, why not start with the most familiar of them all? These places in India resemble their international twin and are some of the most frequented spots in the world.

  1. Scotland – Coorg

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Lush green valleys, charming meadows, and landscapes surrounded by scenic attractions, Coorg resembles Scotland in almost many ways. The best time to visit Coorgis in the monsoon season during early morning hours and the best places to visit in Coorg are the Abbey Falls and the Irupu Falls. The Nahorhole National Park at Coorg is known for its Safari tours and is one of the most recommended tourist spots for travellers who are visiting Coorg. One can also visit the Abbey Falls and the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary which are popular sightseeing spots similar to the structures one finds in different places in Scotland.

  1. Thar – Sahara

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The Thar and Sahara are identical twins with even the desert culture and folklore resembling each other in close ways. The location of the Sahara desert is convenient for most travellers and the desert is filled with sand dunes and many oases.

  1. Thailand – Lakshadweep

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If you love Thai curries, boating, and the seaside sceneries, why not take a Lakshadweep trip? Bringing the culture of Thai to India, the best time to visit Lakshadweep is from October to Mid May. One can head to Lakshwadweep directly from Masinagudi resorts to archaeological sites and nearby forest regions for Safaris and explorations.

  1. Niagara – Athirapally

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Known as the Niagara falls of India, it is one of the most famous waterfalls in Kerela that resembles the Niagra falls in terms of grandeur and familiarity. Flora, fauna, snake roads leading down to lush greenery and small streams surrounded in the midst of rubber and coconut trees – is some of the many wonders offered by its surroundings. The Athirapally falls is best seen between the months of September and January when trekking the falls and enjoying scenic views becomes possible.

  1. Switzerland – Auli

Image Source: yatra

Who says you can’t ski in peace in India? The Auli resembles Switzerland in every way especially in terms of the landscapes and scenic views. Snow sports are seen in bountiful and the best time to visit Auli is during the monsoons for sightseeing and snow treks. The best places to visit in Auli are the Auli Artificial Lake and the Auli Ropeway. One can avail taxi services from the best resorts in Bangalore for day outing in Auli or travel directly to the destination by bus.

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