Paintball The Game

26 October  |  At Discovery Village

You must have heard many people ask, “What is paintball?” Well, paintball is a game where you eliminate the opponent by shooting at them with water soluble dye pellets through a paintball gun. It can be played individually or versus a team, either way developing strategic thinking and efficiency by working in challenging environments in the best way possible.

How it all started:

Dating back to the 1960’s Paintball is the brainchild of Charles Nelson, the co-founder of Nelson Paint Company, who came up with the idea of shooting a paintball (pellet) from a gun, when U.S Forestry Service asked the Nelson Paint Company to come up with an efficient way mark trees from a distance.It also became popular among ranchers who could mark their cattle from a distance without hurting them.

This gun caught the attention of Hayes Noel and Charles Gaines years later. One a Wall Street stockbroker and the other a writer by profession, they together came up with the idea of a mock duel between people from different professional backgrounds to see if survival in the woods is possible due to awareness of the surroundings or highly intuitive instincts.Thus, the first paintball game ever played was in June 1981, where 12 people from different professional backgrounds competed against each other where the winner had to capture the flag.

Who made the first Paintball Gun?

The first paintball gun also known as,Marker, was an idea by Charles Nelson. He already had a patented squirt gun that sprayed a jet of paint, but had a limited range so Nelson approached the Crosman Company, which produced the gun named Crosman 707.

Due to poor sales, the production of Crosman 707was halted. Nelson then approached Daisy, an air gun manufacturer, tomanufactured the famous Nel–Spot 007 in 1972. This gun had a greater range.

How Do You Play?

There are several variations on how to play this sportlets look at a couple of them:

  1. Hoist the Flag: The most common type being where two teams compete against each other to get the opponent’s team flag to their own base within a time limit. Here, if any player gets hit by the opponent then they are eliminated from the game and have to leave the arena immediately. Once all the opposite team members are eliminated, one has to get the flag from enemy’s base to their own within the stipulated time to win the game.
  2. Kill them all: Everyone plays for themselves. The last person to survive the game i.e. without being hit by the paintball wins the game

Is it Safe?

The paintballs are made of gelatin with paint infused, so there are rare chances of getting hurt,unless you are hit within 3 meters from the opponent.

This game can be played both, indoors and outdoors, the organizers provide protective gear such as, safety mask, a pair of goggles, coveralls and gloves. The coveralls are usually made of thick material to reduce the blow of the paintball. Wearing thick clothing on the inside can be advantageous.

Where to Play?

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