Outdoors vs Indoors

22 September  |  Listicles

As the famous saying goes, “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation”.

Playing games create a wonderful atmosphere to bond and get to know your family, friends and colleagues better. Some may be good at indoor games while some good at outdoor games. Discovery Village offers an exciting mix of a variety of these games. Each of these games, both indoor and outdoor, have a unique fun element to it to enhance your experience and create memorable adventures. Here are some unique benefits of playing games both on the field and inside a closed space.

Rock the board


The most common and exciting indoor games are the board games. Some games like chess test your thinking and strategy, while many other games are based on sheer luck. The unpredictability associated with these games makes it a fun team activity to partake in with your friends and family. These indoor games come to the rescue when the weather is not suitable to head out and play. A wet rainy day can be a spoilsport for an outdoor activity but can be super fun for staying indoors to play some board games.

Forget the injury

Outdoor activities require a certain amount of physical fitness to play. Exhaustion or injury can come in the way of enjoying a day playing outdoors. Thankfully, indoor games are only an effort to the brain than the body and can be an equally great way to have fun in a team. There is always a risk of getting injured while playing an outdoor game, but one can be safe and secure with indoor games.

Sweat it out


Although outdoor games involve the use of some special equipment like helmets, jackets, etc., and may turn out to be a little expensive, it is worth every penny. Nothing can match the level of physical activity that one gets while enjoying an outdoor game. Starting from a simple bat and ball game in the lawn to football and soccer, these games prove to be great ways to sweat and work out to lose those extra calories. Also, a day in the sun is sure to get us all the valuable vitamin D we need to make our bones strong and healthy.

Play like a child


Open spaces are always exciting. Cities which have now turned into corporate jungles have very little free space to play outdoor games. Discovery Village resorts have dedicated acres of outdoor play to experience the childlike freedom of playing in open grasslands. Corroborated by psychological studies, it is a well known fact that engaging in hours of outdoor play can give a liberating experience and release the ‘happy’ hormones. True for both children and adults, lack of outdoor activity can be detrimental as it is the rule of nature to connect and bond with our surroundings instead of being trapped inside rooms.

Both indoor and outdoor games have their own advantages, but both types of games are great ways to stimulate the mind and the body.

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