How Being Outdoors Even in Cold Weather is Ideal for your Mental Health

06 October  |  Team Outing

“A vigorous five-mile walk will do more good for an unhappy but otherwise healthy adult than all the medicine and psychology in the world.” – Paul Dudley White

Just when the first few winds of cold weather hits, hibernating the season away sounds like the tempting, sole option. Locking yourself inside during cold weather isn’t the best option for your body, mind and soul. Your best bet you ask? To get your two best friends: your left leg and your right leg, to keep moving and for you to make time for physical activity during winter. Not only does this help keep off winter weight gain, but exercise and other physical activity wards off symptoms of seasonal depression and other mental health disorders. Take that fitness regimes one step further by stepping out the gym and into the natural elements. Try a well-organised hike or outdoor event by Discovery Village at Nandi Hills, Bangalore for starters.

Boosting your focus and improving creativity


Numerous studies have been conducted on the positive effects of the outdoor environment on our inner peace and mental sanity. Richard Louv, the author of ‘Last Child in the Woods’ uses ‘nature-deficit disorder’ to refer to behavioural problems occurring from spending less to no time outdoors. Faced with a conundrum? Take a walk outside and you will come up with brilliant solutions to deal with it. Spending time outdoors leads to the brain indulging in high quality and novel analogies. Try taking a test outside; you will find that your level of focus is increased. This is one of the reasons why companies prefer taking their employees on a corporate day outing filled with team building activities, Bangalore.

Self-esteem and mood strengthened


‘Green exercise’, a term giving to physical activity pursued outdoors or in nature, has numerous unique benefits. Even a brisk five-minute walk, jog in the park or even in your garden shows improved levels of self-esteem and positive moods. While being outdoors is wonderful, it leaves a calm and soothing feeling inside. It reduces stress and Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is winter depression. Step into the natural light and brighten that cloudy expression of yours. Walk barefoot on the beach or on the grass on a day outing in Bangalore resorts. Feel the cold breeze on your face as you slowly feel refreshed and motivated.

Quick healing potential

Spending time outdoors is inherently healing. Some of it is to do with the contact with natural light. Being outside even during cold weather reduces pain symptoms, lets you have better sleep and reduces the decline in everyday functionality. Nature’s healing powers has been known to us as we grew up listening to the benefits from mothers and grandmothers, and even experiencing the same. With rapid increase in mental health disorders, increased contact with the outdoor environments is necessary for better health of the individual and his existence.

Being outdoors during cold weather provides better mental and physical health in people, when compared with those who decided to skirt nature. It is also crucial to make sure you have enough protective and body warming gear on.



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