Being Outdoors Can Change Your Health For The Better – Try It At Discovery Village!

06 October  |  At Discovery Village

“I go to Nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put together.” –John Burroughs

With advanced technology and the fast paced life of today, people’s lifestyles have changed to revolve around work, commute, taking care of the family, house chores and so one. Due to this at least 90% of our time is being spent indoors, which would have not been the case even a decade ago. Although development in science is easing the way we live life, it is adding to the indoor time that is in turn impacting our health negatively. There needs to be equilibrium in the metal, physical and emotional health of people, which isn’t being achieved. It is time to unplug and step outside.

Walking to the mailbox and back doesn’t count! Interacting with nature and its elements is what counts as outdoor time, which is critical for your health and wellbeing. If going about outdoor activities individually is tedious, join groups and visit Discovery Village, where you can have a ‘green retreat’ and be one with nature. Be it with family, friends or office teams, Discovery Village hosts exciting outdoor activities, events and corporate day outing that provides good physical exercise in scenic locations that can change your health in the following ways.

Quick immunity booster


Multiple studies found that spending at least 3 hours outdoors each day showed an increase in white blood cells levels in women. This helped them fight diseases and viruses more easily. Spending time in nature or indulging in physical activities outdoors has healing effects on our bodies, wherein you experience less pain and increase in levels of energy to do daily activities. Being outdoors and around plants and trees lets you inhale natural phytoncides, which is known to increase the activity of human natural killer cells. Discovery Village plans a perfect day outing in Bangalore resorts to help you relax and unwind.

Soak up that Vitamin D

Since very few food sources carry it, absorbing Vitamin D is quite tricky through consumption but can easily be gotten by soaking up the sun. This vitamin is essential for cell growth, bone growth, immune function, neuromuscular activities and inflammation reduction. Outdoor activities like hiking up Nandi Hills, Bangalore or walks in the park in the mornings or evenings, provide unprotected exposure to the sun, letting your sun soak up the essential vitamin.

Aids graceful aging

Going outside can help you stay healthy and function longer. There are fewer age-related issues and less cases of old-age insomnia. As you grow older, outdoor activities that revolve around group exercises and hobbies benefit people. Even a simple outdoor activity like gardening can help improve confidence and social skills in people as they age, while making them more mobile and deft.

It is funny how despite knowing how beneficial getting outdoors is for us, we still choose to do otherwise due to lack of motivation to pursue it alone. Get some good exercise and have fun doing the same by signing up with Discovery Village for the well-organised events and outdoor activities in resorts in Bangalore for one day team outing.

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