Outdoor adventure packing tips

23 September  |  Listicles

Outdoor adventure activities instilled excitement in many, and people now show interest in trying their hand at such exhilarating activities. Although the concept is pretty new, many resorts like Discovery Village have come up to offer a wide range of adventure activities that one cannot experience in day to day life. It is no doubt that adventure activities are a great way to unwind and discover your hidden potential.

If you have planned to opt for an adventure holiday with Discovery Village, it is a good idea to understand the terrain and various activities offered at the resort, before beginning to pack for your trip. Here are some tips to keep in mind while packing for an outdoor adventure trip.

The right clothes

Although it is important to dress in style, it is also very important to dress comfortably. Adventure activities require you to stretch, bend or climb and it is very important to dress in clothing that will enable such movements. Appropriate costumes for swimming, trekking have to specially packed. Shoes that are anti-skid and offer a good grip need to be worn to cater to activities at hilly terrains. The shoes have to be comfortable and be ergonomically designed for outdoor activities.

Team up with good accessories


A sturdy backpack can come in handy during treks and nature trails to fit in all the knick knacks. A good wristwatch, preferably with an inbuilt dial-light, binoculars, travel pillow and a charged camera can be carried in the backpack. If you are travelling during the rainy season, then an umbrella or rain coat will be helpful in the event of sudden rainfall.

Prepare for the day and night


Daytime activities can be exhausting if the sun is shining brightly. So, remember to carry a small water bottle, sun glass and sun screen to protect from dehydration and tanning. Some activities like sky gazing, camping and tenting are planned during the night. To equip oneself for a safe night activity, carry a sturdy torch, extra batteries and a good mosquito repellent. It is also a good idea to carry an insulated vest or jacket to adventure resorts in hilly regions to protect yourself from the cold.



Since most of the adventure resorts are located far away from the city, it is essential to keep emergency medication handy. Insect repellents and over the counter drugs for simple ailments can be carried. A First Aid kit with cotton, bandage and ointment is very important as some of these adventure activities might be physically challenging to do, hence causing minor injuries if not done carefully. It is always safe to carry such medicines, although most of these resorts do stock them as well.

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