November 14th – Children’s Day

09 November  |  Miscellaneous

As Nelson Mandela once said, “Children are our greatest treasure. They are our future”.
As the times evolve, generations of children have evolved as well, giving rise to vast differences in the way children interact with others, play and even converse.
But how are the children of today different from those in the 90s?

Children stay indoors more today

The sound of children playing in an apartment complex and their parents shouting for them to come back upstairs after dark are seldom heard these days. These days, however, all you see is a group of kids huddled in a circle, all individually on their smartphones. The children today have to be pushed out of their house by parents who fear that their children are missing out on their childhood. Gaming consoles, personal computers, smart phones, tablets, etc. are taking away the childhood that the 90’s kids cherished.

The importance of Outdoor Activities


While the obvious reason for children to participate in outdoor activities like playing with their friends, joining a sports team or zorbing in Bangalore is exercise, being outdoors also mentally stimulates children and boosts their learning capabilities.

Development of motor skills occurs only when one uses their entire body on a regular basis. Also, Vitamin D is a necessity for the body to function properly, so children must get enough sun. Fresh air is known to be a mood enhancer as moods are positively affected visibly by spending just a little time in the outdoors. While the need for fitness is enough of a reason to send children outdoors to play, the other positives are just as important for the health of a child. An amazing place to take your child would be the adventure resorts in Bangalore or the hill resorts near Bangalore for a day of exercise and fun.

Another benefit of playing outdoors is the interaction with other children. Children learn how to work in groups better, they learn the art of compromise, build trust and they also learn about healthy competition. The interaction with other children boosts their spirits and makes them congenial and more open to meeting new people, and having a variety of experiences.

The Benefits of Nature


While the above positives of being outdoors apply to time spent outside within the city as well, being out in nature has a range of benefits. The natural surrounding opens up a child’s curiosity. In the 90s, you would be able to see children chasing a butterfly to look at it closer, or climbing a tree in a park. Children of the current generation need time to love nature. Give your kids the opportunity to appreciate nature at resorts like the Ooty and Masinagudi resorts at Discovery Village.

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