What NOT to do While Travelling with Friends

23 August  |  Adventure & Travel

Group travel plans are the best, as these shared experiences cement lasting friendships. However, when you are travelling in a group, make sure there are certain things you don’t end up doing that will sour the experience for your mates.

Cancel at the Last Moment

A group trip is usually a meticulously planned affair, where balances are really tight when it comes to expenses and accommodation. When you back out at the last moment, you are leaving the friends who tagged along because of you in a spot.

A major repercussion of someone leaving last moment is the arrangements need to be adjusted and compensated amongst the remaining members. The least you can do if you back out is accept the fact that the money you spent on shared hotel rooms is a fair price to pay.

Not discussing the budget before travelling

The budget requires total transparency before you even start your journey. If you feel like you are being stretched a bit, be honest about it so plans can be adjusted or solutions can be found. Don’t end up requesting a flash loan between your 4th and 5thpina-colada on the third night of your vacation. Even your friends are working on a budget. On the other end of the spectrum, if you are the one with money, don’t drag your friends into awkward situations where they are playing catch up while you lap up the caviar. A group trip works best if everyone has decided on a certain budget.

Make one person do all the planning and research

Giving one person all the responsibility is not fair. At the end of the day, a shared experience needs to be planned in a similar fashion, with inputs and contributions from everyone. By taking that one good friend for granted, you are also reducing the scope of the travel as one person cannot design an itinerary that will please everyone.

Spending more time on your phone

There are certain rules that have been set since vacations became a thing. You stay away from the usual routine whether it is on the phone or on a computer. Think about a situation where your friends are waiting for you to join them but you show your interest somewhere else, not even in the same geography! Keep phone calls crisp, messaging to a minimum and dedicate Instagram time for maybe later.

Being fussy about food

You are not going to get mom’s alupaneer in Phuket. Stop whining about food when the rest are managing just fine. Culinary tantrums by one person can spoil the experience for the rest of the gang. If you have a restricted diet, you will always manage to find a way around it.

Go easy on the health inspector routine. Your friends are as aware of food hygiene as you are. Deal with food reservations by being graceful about it. Step back and let your friends enjoy the Thai green croc curry while you go look for a chicken sandwich.

Behaving cranky, moody and rude

A bad mood infects the group with the same. Your buddies (and you too!) have been looking forward to this trip forever. Do a bit of introspection if you feel you are unhappy about something. Don’t throw a tantrum or be too vocal about your disagreements. Take some time off alone with a walk on the beach. A bit of space can sort a lot of issues.

It is very important that group trips are not built on obligations. Just because you are travelling together does not mean you have to see each others’ faces all day. Diverge and converge accordingly. Think of the moment when the trip was planned those many months ago, and try to replicate the same excitement.

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