Negotiate your win!

02 October  |  Team Building

Negotiate your win!!!

One of the many skills that companies and people pride themselves on is negotiation. Negotiation is a dialogue between two or more teams or people. Negotiation helps resolve issues and bargain for advantage. The aim of negotiation is compromise. Each party involved in a negotiation is in it for personal gain. The team with the better negotiation skills, therefore ends up with a more advantageous position.

Negotiation occurs in everyday situations such as divorce, parenting, marriage and everyday life. But it isn’t limited to personal or professional life. Negotiation is an indispensable part of legal proceedings, businesses, government branches, non-profit organizations and even talks among nations. The all-pervasive position of negotiation only underscores the importance of negotiation skills in each person for personal and professional reasons.

Negotiation skills can be learned. Discovery Village backs the claim that these skills can be honed through some simple corporate outdoor activities that are not only fun, but also provide a welcome break from the monotony of work and work pressures. If you are looking to improve the performance of your employees as individuals and as a part of teams, then Discovery Village can be a partner in achieving the goal. Here are some corporate activities

We offer to build negotiation skills among people.

  • Dynamic obstacle course.The participating teams begin from opposite sides of the course. It is designed so that the participants may negotiate their way around the course without touching the ground or the props provided. Each team member manoeuvers his or her way through and around the obstacles, much like in the corporate setting. There are situations and people that are best avoided. The most appropriate way around these obstacles while minimizing the personal disadvantages is mirrored in this game.
  • Get twenty.The game as the name suggests, requires participating teams to procure twenty items in under twenty minutes. While some of the items are readily available, some may have to be procured through negotiation. This game once again mirrors corporate reality.
  • Raft building.An activity where negotiation and leadership take the lead, raft building can be fun, exciting and adventurous. Since time and resources available are limited, the leader will have to negotiate with individuals, ideas and thoughts in order to build a raft.

There are numerous other such activities on offer at the Discovery Village Bangalore to build corporate teams and develop negotiation skills. If empowering your employees to be better strategists is on your agenda, then Discovery Village can help check one item off your list.

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