All You Need To Know About Outbound Training Program

20 February  |  Listicles

Have you noticed that some of the best resorts in Bangalore end up hosting office team building exercises? There was a time when company sponsored retreats were few and often dismissed as a fad. However, these days, we see numerous enterprises conducting corporate outbound training on a regular basis as it brings results.

What Is Outbound Training Program?

Outbound training is a method of improving the productivity of employees through outdoor experiences rather than at the worksite. Based on the science of experiential learning, it helps employees learn by reflecting on their experiences and critical analysis. It has the same effect on an individual as on the job training, simulator training and role-playing. The Outbound training activities list is vast and consists games such as Blind Square, helium stick, twister, and many others. The training program is based on scientific research and is not a random assortment of outdoor activities. The activities incorporate concepts and techniques such as lateral thinking and David Kolb’s experiential learning model.

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Why is Outbound Training Important?

Why is it that you get trained better from resorts in Bangalore for team outing than at the office? It is because an office environment hampers creativity as the mind feels stifled and is closed to a new perspective. Also, some of us may get sleepy sitting stationary and fail to derive the full benefits of the training program. A neutral and new environment, one which is surrounded by greenery, lets the mind come out of its shell. It helps you identify performance enhancing behaviour which will become apparent during the training. This needs to be registered and repeated. At the same time, negative behaviour can also be identified and discouraged.

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How It Can Make A Difference In Your Day To Day Work At Office?

Outbound training works on different skills such as leadership, interpersonal communication, motivation and creativity. On an average, half a day can address two learning objectives. Taking up more activities in a single day can saturate the learning process and become counter-productive. It is up to the Human Resources to talk to the managers and find out the areas of skill development. This is then relayed to the training agency which compiles an outbound training program to suit the company objectives.

Below are some of the effects that you can see after the training programme:

  • The activities are designed in such a way that it fosters a sense of camaraderie among its participants.
  • There is no solution that is given to the participants when taking up an activity. It is up to you and your co-workers to find a way out through planning. This helps in improvisation and skill development.
  • It helps build up a team spirit which can help the business attain their objectives through synergy.

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Note that one outbound training session is not enough, and feedback is required. If companies take you to the best corporate resorts, they need to do it often to capitalize on the outbound training.

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