Nature helps you connect with loved ones better

08 February  |  Miscellaneous

Valentine’s Day is a good way of expressing love to your near and dear ones and spending some quality time with them. While many people, especially couples prefer going to restaurants or catching up on a movie on this day, celebrating this special day amidst nature is also a good way to strengthen the bond between your loved ones.

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Why celebrating valentines around nature is an option for couples

If you are looking for unique Valentine’s Day ideas to spend some good time celebrating the day then planning a trip to a place which is blessed with the bounty of nature can be a good idea. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, having some time off with your loved ones in the lap of nature is sure to make your relationship even more strong. Heading to parks, gardens and jungle resorts are some of the best ways to spend the day. Bond with your valentine while you take an adventurous walk in the jungle or go together on a lovely walk in a park.

Most of us are so occupied in our daily lives with the routine work that we forget to connect with those who form an important part of our life. Nature provides the perfect opportunity to unwind, relax and slow down the fast paced city life. Away from mobile phones and laptops, you get ample time to catch up and walk down the memory lane with your Valentine.

There are many resorts near Bangalore which are situated amidst nature. Some of the best resorts in Kabini offer great Valentine’s Day package for those of you who want to make the most of this day in the beautiful and adventurous jungles of Kabini.

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Couples with children get to go outdoors etc.

For couples with children, getting to go outdoors and relax is a luxury which is hard to come by. Most couples are occupied with work, followed by taking care of their children. The daily chores of school and studies keep the children too occupied to do anything else. This hardly leaves any time to go on an outing with family and friends. Taking your kids out is one of the best Valentine’s gifts that can be given to your beloved ones. Plan a day outing with all your friends, their spouses and kids in resorts in Kanakapura road which offer a great getaway with adventure activities for kids and grown-ups alike.

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The benefits of spending time in natural surroundings are abundant. Be it reducing stress levels, supplying fresh air to the body organs, lowering stress hormone levels in the body or giving some down time to the body and brain to recharge, nature has a way to ensure your well-being in every possible manner. A calm and peaceful soul leads to a life filled with happiness and love. It is a great opportunity for couples who feel disconnected to each other to re-kindle the love between them.
Embrace nature this Valentine’s day and feel it embrace you back with all the love and care.

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