Nandi Habba on March 4th 2018

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Nandi Habba 2018 Event:
Date: Sunday, 4th March 2018, 6.30 AM Onwards

Nandi Hills is the go-to place for Bangaloreans when looking for an ultra-quick getaway from the city. Only 35km from the Kempegowda International Airport, Nandi Hills is an ancient hill formation with a deep and rich history. Some of the best resorts in Bangalore are at Nandi Hills, and the primary attraction of the locale is the awe-inspiring nature on display so close to the hustle and bustle of Bangalore City.

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What is Nandi Habba?

Nandi Habba is a day-long festival that celebrates the heritage and culture of Nandi Hills with a Marathon, Heritage Walk, Nature Walk, Yoga, and Cyclothon. This festival is designed to educate people on the richness of the history and the flora and fauna of the area. Pick one of the resorts in Nandi Hills and participate in this Habba which will also host a bunch of santhes or flea markets in order to promote the livelihood of the local populace.

Photo Credit: Discovery Village

Why it is celebrated?

Nandi Habba is conceived as a joint collaboration by United Way of Bengaluru, Discovery Village, and Nandi Walks amongst others in order to bring to the forefront the various historical and cultural aspects of the region including the amazing biodiversity. The hills are home to many architectural gems dating back to the Chola dynasty and the Habba looks to make this history more palatable to the public. The Habba is also using funds to implement four long-term projects that will secure the ecosystem of the area. These projects include afforestation drives, rejuvenation of lakes, solid waste management of the local population, and a system to check the growth of the trees in the area.

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How can you be a part of this year’s Nandi Habba?

There are many ways you can be a part of Nandi Habba 2018. Since the drive is to educate people on the ecosystem of the hills, you should keep in mind to keep the waste you produce to a minimum. Even if you are conscientious about throwing waste in a garbage bin, the ecosystem of this biodiverse region is fragile and cannot take the overburdening of its resources. So the first step would be to reduce waste overall. Do not bring in food wrapped in plastic or plastic water bottles. The Habba will be roping the BMTC service for drops at the foothills from where you can hire cycles to explore the area. This way you can cut down on pollution by leaving your car at home.

Once you get to Nandi Hills, you can sign up for the MarathonHeritage Walk, Nature Walk, Yoga or the Cyclothon. The Heritage walk, for example, will cover the Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple at the foothills and move on to the British cemetery, and a silk-weaving loom, giving you a rare glimpse into history at different periods of time.

Photo Credit: Discovery Village

Nandi Hills is a beloved getaway spot of Bangaloreans and the Nandi Habba gives them more reason and avenues to enjoy this venerable tourist spot. The Nandi Habba is a great way to educate people on not just the history of Nandi Hills but also the effort required by the government and the citizens in order to keep up the health of the ecosystem of the region. So book a Nandi Hills stay at one of the premier resorts in the area, and participate in this one-of-a-kind festival.

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