Motivation-oriented activities at Discovery Village

01 October  |  Team Outing

Motivation Oriented Activities at Discovery Village

In the corporate world, when a group of people gather for a training course or a conference, the initial feeling is of uncertainty. People are either strangers to each other or are unaware of what is expected out of them. People need to learn to focus on the task at hand, and before that, build a sense of collective motivation towards completing the task.

Discovery village presents interesting corporate outdoor activities to help corporate employees focus on the main aim of any particular event. These activities help people develop relationships and thus they are very effective for corporate team building and motivating corporate teams. Employees get to know each other’s strengths by taking part in these activities and hence a mutual respect also develops among them.

  • Cross over.In this activity there should be 4-6 teams of the same company or corporation. There is a set of prearranged bricks and the teams have to step over these bricks by following some rules. The activity acts as a great ice breaker and brings all the employees into accord. The activity aims at building team cooperation.
  • Helium stick.This is a motivational activity which develops leadership, patience, responsibility, creativity, team work and coordination among corporate team members. The members are asked to line up in two rows facing each other. Then a helium stick is placed on the index fingers of the members. The objective of the activity is to lower the stick to the ground. The index fingers of each member should always be in touch with the stick. Nobody should lose contact with the helium stick. If anybody breaks the rules, the team has to start the activity again.
  • Block game.In this activity a particular group is divided into different teams and a set of blocks is given to each team. With the help of these blocks a model is made and the aim of the activity is to replicate that model. From each team, one member is supposed to come forward and study the block model. Thereafter, he returns to his team and explains the model to the other members. Now the team has to replicate the model as per the description given by the member who studied the block model. An estimated time is given to the team to complete the work and the team which is able to build the block model replica within the stipulated time, succeeds. The activity develops creative thinking, communication, problem solving and patience among the team members.


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