How to make a travel itinerary

20 February  |  Adventure & Travel

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Planning your next vacation can be a stressful experience if you are the one in charge of making the flight bookings, hotel bookings, day plans and night plans. But it doesn’t always have to be! Follow these easy steps to making sure you don’t forget anything when you’re planning your next vacation.

Create an inspiration board

Whether virtual or physical, an inspiration board can help you get a great idea of the things that you would like to do on your next vacation. Chart out meals that you would like to eat, experiences that you would like to have and places that you would like to see, so that you can decide how much time, travel and money have to go into your vacation. Watch videos, read articles, look at photos and priorities on the things that you have to do, want to do and don’t mind doing. Research is always essential, as there is a wealth of information available to you online and you just need to sift through what is there to get to the bottom of things.

Organize your essentials

Once you have decided on the outline of your vacation plan, it comes down to the details. Here is a list of the bookings you’ll have to make:

a. Airline
b. Hotel
c. Experiences
d. Travel (Within your vacation spot like a rental car)

Try to note these down in a virtual planner that allows you to have a bird’s eye view of your itinerary at all times.

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Add your activities

Now that you have decided on the things you want to do make a plan for how you are going to do them. If your plans involve travelling even once you get to your destination, make sure you have all the supplies you are going to need for them. Going on a hike? Get the right shoes and clothes. Going to visit a museum? Find comfortable clothing and footwear so you can soak in all the history and be at ease the entire time. Take into account the activities of those travelling with you and find a way to balance what everyone would like to do. You can even weave in some group activities like a dinner or a unique experience of the place that you are visiting.

Leave time to explore

Just because you’ve planned your vacation down to every detail doesn’t mean you have to follow the same schedule. If you miss an appointment, take it in your stride as just another vacation story, and use the time you just got back to stroll down some streets and find some hidden treasures that you can tell others about the next time they are planning their vacation! Don’t stress about the small stuff, and find a way to incorporate some time just to get lost in the land that you’re visiting because there’s no better way to fully experience a location that to find things on your own. You may come across some hidden gems like these resorts in Masinagudi or discover new activities like zorbing in Bangalore.
While planning a vacation comes down to a lot of minute details, just be as precise as you can be, and always remember to have fun doing while you are at it!

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