Light Summer Travel Essentials

10 May  |  Miscellaneous

As the famous saying goes, “When preparing to travel, lay out all of your clothes and all of your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money”. Travelling is a way of life, and to enjoy it to the fullest, clothes must be all the way at the bottom of your list of important things.

Pack light, pack only essentials, and make sure you are not taking an outfit for every day; rather, take a few essential pieces and mix and match them over the course of your trip! If you are off on a trip to one of Discovery Village’s adventure resorts in Bangalore, or even to a different city, here are a few summer travel tips for a hassle-free holiday.

Summer Clothing

When it comes to packing clothing, we tend to think that every new day requires a new outfit. However, most of us end up wearing only a few pieces and carry more than we need. For both men as well as women, summer travel-friendly clothing for a week includes the very basics. Pack 2 pairs of shorts or pants, one cotton pair, and one that is lightweight for hot and/or rainy cities. Add to that       4 t-shirts and a shirt for formal occasions. 1 set of sleepwear that can also be used as comfortable street-wear and 5 sets of underwear and socks complete your apparel needs. Make sure you pack a pair of sneakers and flip-flops, and you will not be left wanting on the trip.

For women, leggings are another essential piece of clothing, as it can be used as nightwear, street-wear or even for a work out at the gym.

Essential Accessories

To dress up a regular outfit, you could use a scarf and tie it around your waist as a sarong, or use it as a make-shift sun-shield wrapped around your head. A scrunchie could prove useful to tie up your hair when it is too hot, or even to tie a plastic bag full of food or wet clothes from the beach. Sunglasses and sunscreen are a must, during the summer!

Summer Hairstyles

For men, summer hairstyles aren’t a huge deviation from the regular style; short hair is the way to go! Men could also opt for crew cuts or shaved sides for a more on-trend look. For women, a braid does wonders to get the hair off the neck. Women could also opt for a shorter haircut – a bob or a lob – or put their hair up in a bun for a visit to an adventure resort in Bangalore.

Beauty Products

A day at the beach requires sunscreen (sprays allow for better coverage than creams and gels do), face-wash to use after swimming in the sea or walking about the city all day, and a mild cleanser for the body. Summer is a recipe for dry skin! This is why lip balm with a high SPF protection and a moisturizing lotion are necessary to prevent dry skin.

Use these tips for your next family outing in Bangalore or just a visit to resorts with activities in Bangalore for a relaxed and refreshing time off!

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